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Watch HBO Max on Your Smart LG TV Without Using the App

The fans can view HBO Max on several devices; however, LG smart TVs are still the exception to this. Here are the options that you can use.

Recently launched HBO Max supports several devices; however, LG smart TVs are not included in these devices. Still, you can watch your favorite shows of HBO Max on your LG smart TVs through several sources; however, without using the HBO Max application.

WarnerMedia launched its long-anticipated streaming service, HBO Max app recently. The streaming service has attracted an enormous number of viewers competing with several other same services such as Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, etc. HBO Max has earned popularity among its fan base along with increasing the user numbers very quickly. The main reason behind gaining quick popularity is the quality content that the streaming service has offered to its users. HBO Max introduced several shows and movies based on original content including the Justice League Snyder Cut, Green Lantern, etc. Moreover, the content delivered by the streaming service is not only limited to this only as it also includes delivering content from many other brands and networks falling under the umbrella of WarnerMedia such as DC, Cartoon Network and TNT.

Despite the fact, HBO Max is a new streaming service which is still fighting with some limitations. Sometimes, the new services that arrive in the market often do not come with support for several platforms and devices. Over time, it may happen that the new streaming service will start supporting tools, but currently, it is not supporting LG smart TVs. It is difficult to say when the streaming service will begin supporting LG smart TVs. The possibilities are looking quite dim as evident from the help pages of HBO according to which the no version of HBO Max, HBO Now the app is also still not available on LG smart TV. Despite the problems, there are several ways which can help you if you are willing to watch HBO Max on your LG smart TV device.

Streaming HBO Max on Your LG Smart TVs with Optional Devices

If you want to view movies and shows of HBO Max and you have an LG smart TV purchased recently or somewhere in the year 2019, then the way is effortless to do so. You can include the support from AirPlay 2 for streaming videos from your iPhone to your LG TV. But, if you don’t have the latest LG smart TV or the iPhone then you can move to connect a gaming machine including both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 or a streaming player such as Apple TV.  Whenever you select and connect streaming service players Xbox One and PS4 as both are officially LG smart supported devices to your LG smart TV, it will start streaming HBO Max content for you without any problem. If you already have these streaming players, then it will be an excellent choice to use these.

But, if you don’t have such devices, then it isn’t easy to purchase these devices only to get access to shows and movies on HBO Max as the tools are quite expensive. In such circumstances, the best option is to use Chromecast dongle. Google Chromecast is considered one of the best streaming dongles. The dongle is not only portable and affordable but also allows the users to stream HBO, Netflix, Spotify and many more wirelessly from PCs, mobile devices to TVs. It can be plugged into the TVs as it primarily works as the stick based on HDMI. It will be the cheapest and the most convenient way to add streaming service HBO Max to your LG smart TV if you are not using Airplay 2 or any gaming console or streaming players.

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