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Ways to Hook Up Lights on Metal Roof and Appropriate Storage

In recent years, metal buildings roofs have grown rapidly. Metal roofs can be found on everything from typical residences to full-frame metal homes, and even businesses.

When it comes to putting up your Christmas lights, whether you have a standard home or a metal home, having a metal roof may be different.

Christmas lights can lend a touch of glitz and opulence to a variety of interior and exterior decors. While figuring out how to put Christmas lights on your Christmas tree may be simple, figuring out how to install lights on metal might be more difficult. You can, however, hang your lights on a metal wall or roof using a few different methods.

First, let’s look at some of the different options you have for getting your lights up on your metal roof of any of your metal buildings.

  • Magnetic clips
  • Command Strips
  • Magnetic Lights
  • Plastic Clips
  • Magnetic Clips

Here is a link if you’re in need of a bulk purchase of C7 and C9 Clips. With these clips, all you must do is put the magnetic side to your metal roof.

While hanging your lights and for the duration of the holidays, the strength should hold up well. You can also purchase them from Amazon.

Magnetic hooks are another magnetic option. Magnetic hooks have the advantage of being adaptable. It can be used for a variety of tasks. Whether you use it for Christmas lights, outdoor decor, or even to install on your refrigerator, it’ll look fantastic.

Method: Using the magnetic clips, simply place a clip in each socket of a Christmas light string made of 18 AWG wire. Make sure you get the right clips for your cord based on the insulation requirements.

Hooks should be placed in the desired line and the string of likes should be hung from the hooks. To ensure that a magnet will have a strong hold on your metal roof either you are trying to use it on your metal carports, test it with a regular household magnet.

Before lighting installation you can also read about the advantages of hiring roof cleaning service providers.

  • Command Strips

Outdoor command strips are the next alternative for your metal roof. They’re a terrific alternative because they’re available in a variety of finishes, are long-lasting, and aren’t permanent. Command strips are simple to remove and reapply if any mistakes are made.

Make sure the surface is free of debris. To show the stick strip, remove the rear of the command strip seal. After that, set it on the surface and hold it there for 10 seconds.

  • Magnetic Lights

If you need to buy Christmas lights or want to make your life easier, magnetic lights are the way to go. We strongly advise you to use this way of hanging your lights if you want to make your life easier.

Measure the area where you want the lights to go to ensure you have enough length.

  • Clips made of Plastic

Plastic clips, which are used to hang lights on a metal roof, are the last item on our list. This may be a more accessible choice at your local hardware store.

If you’re on a budget and already have Christmas lights, these clips are a good alternative.

Clips can be quickly and successfully connected to gutters or shingles.

  • After the Holidays, How Do I Store My Lights?

Here are a few options to consider when the holiday season is over and it’s time to take down your Christmas lights and decorations.

If you’re on a budget and already have Christmas lights, these clips are a good alternative.

Clips can be quickly and successfully connected to gutters or shingles.

Option 1: Hold one end of the lights in your hand and coil it together by wrapping it around your elbow and back to your hand.

  • Put in some zip ties

You can take either of these options a step further by putting the lights and other decorations in a bag or box. Labeling the bag or box also makes it easier to locate your decorations for the next festive season.

How to Hang them ?

Metal roofs are often erected in vertical sections from the eave to the apex. One piece is laid down, and the metal curls up like a L at the end. The following piece is bent to cover and overlap the L n. This is how water is kept out.

The lights should be attached to the raised parts. It depends on the thickness of the metal, but I wouldn’t be shocked if giant binder clips fit and hold well on it.

Then, using plastic wire ties or thin rope/twine, loop the zip ties around the clips, leaving a little loop, and then loop another zip around the light strand and your small loop. Tighten to a reasonable degree, but not excessively. Start using it if the clamps pop off due to the weight of the lights.

Don’t forget Safety Always Comes First

Finally, please use caution while putting up Christmas lights on a metal buildings North Carolina, fall accidents are one of the major causes of emergency room visits. If you’re climbing a ladder to put up your Christmas lights, please take your time and make sure you’re always paying close attention to your own and your family’s safety.

Place an extension ladder against the side of your house and on firm, level ground. As you ascend, have your companion hold the ladder to help you maintain it in place.

Always turn off your lights on a day with beautiful weather. Make sure you ask for assistance if you require it. In South Florida, we don’t have to worry about ice or snow, but we do have to be concerned about rain and wind. Using a ladder to install lights on a roof has the potential to be hazardous.

While climbing your ladder, keep your hands free. While climbing, keep all of your supplies in a tool belt or bag.
Instead of nails or staples, try utilizing plastic clips.

Hanging Christmas lights on the roof with plastic clips is the simplest method. You can also use a staple gun to keep them in place, but this will make removing them after Christmas more labor consuming.

You Can Even Try with These 4 steps –

Step 1: Hang your Christmas lights on metal interior with tape. Clear packaging tape can be used to secure your lights to a metal surface without causing damage to either the surface or the lights. Because tape can be affected by the weather, don’t use it to hold up lights that will be exposed to the elements.

Step 2: Attach lights to most outdoor metal surfaces with hooks attached to suction cups. Suction cup bags with hooks will be sold by retailers who sell lights.

Step 3:

To attach lights to difficult areas, use badge holders with magnets. Attach the holder to your surface using the magnets, then connect your lights with the supplied clip. Because the weight of the lights may cause magnets to travel on a metal surface, you will need a large number of holders to make this work.

Step 4:

Wrap plastic zip ties around lights on a gutter or other metal surface where suction cups or magnets can cause problems. At the end of the holiday season, cut the zip ties using scissors.
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