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What are Augmented Reality Core Apps?

Augmented Reality Core Apps are apps that provide an enhanced experience by blending the virtual and physical world. This hybridization of digital and real-life components is made possible because ARCore, a platform developed by Google to facilitate augmented reality development, enables developers to create new experiences that fuse bits and pieces of the online world into our own.  

The result: you can now see your favorite YouTube video as if it’s right in front of you or find directions for how to get somewhere with just a few steps, all without ever leaving your couch!  If you’re curious about this technology but aren’t sure where to start, then take a look at these Augmented Reality Core Apps. They’ll help make your journey through the AR realm much easier.

How does augmented reality core apps work?

Augmented Reality (AR) is a new technology that allows digital information to overlaid on top of the real world. AR core apps, like Pokémon Go and Snapchat, have become some of the most popular mobile applications in recent years. 

These apps are able to overlay images from a virtual space onto our physical environment through an AR headset or smartphone camera. This means that we can see what would otherwise not exist in front of us, such as Pikachu hiding behind your couch.

In this blog post I will tell you more about augmented reality and how it works with core AR app examples so you can get start exploring it for yourself today.

Augmented Reality Core Apps Future

Augmented Reality is one of the fastest growing technologies in recent years. The future for augmented reality core apps is very bright because it has a lot of potential to become the next big thing and change our world, just like smartphones did. 

However, there are many challenges that need to solve before AR can reach its full potential. This post will cover some of these challenges and how they might overcome in the future. So that we can all enjoy this technology as soon as possible. 

Augmented Reality (AR) was once thought to only be a passing fad but over time. It’s shown itself to have real value with its ability to overlay digital information on top of real objects or images in our physical world.

How To Use An Ar App On Your Smartphone?

Augmented reality is the latest craze in smartphone technology. With an augmented reality app. You can place virtual objects into your real world environment and see them as if they were really there.  This blog will teach you how to use an augmented reality app on your smartphone. So that you too can enjoy this amazing new technology.

We live in a world of technological advancements. With android mobile apps like Pokémon GO, Snapchat, and Facebook Messenger. It’s never been easier to share your life with your friends. Augmented reality app use is on the rise as well.

Have you ever wanted to know how to use an augmented reality app? You’re in luck because today we are going to teach you everything you need to know about this exciting technology. First things first, download the necessary augmented reality core apps that best suit your needs. 

For example: if you want a cool new game for your phone then download Pokemon GO. If you want a social media based experience try out Instagram filters or add-ons like Snapchat bunny ears. There are many options available so choose whichever one best suits you.

Examples Of Popular Ar Apps 

Augmented reality apps have been around for a while now and they are constantly improving. Google Sky Map, Layar, Lookator, SpotCrime, PokemonGo are just some of the popular AR apps that people use to interact with their environment in new ways. 

The newest version of these mobile technologies give users an opportunity to see things from different perspectives or experience something as if it was really happening. It is only going to get more interesting.

Let’s explore 8 examples of augmented reality applications and how they can impact our future together. What do you think about what we’ve discussed? Do you have any other favorite AR app that we missed? Share your thoughts by leaving us a comment below.

As augmented reality continues to grow in popularity, more companies will design AR apps. Below are 8 examples of popular AR apps and how they can impact the future of mobile technology- including games like PokemonGo.

If you’re looking for a way to add an interactive element to your marketing campaign or app, consider incorporating one of these tools into your next project. To learn more about using Augmented Reality as part of your digital strategy contact us today.

Pros And Cons Of Using Ar Apps

If you want to learn more about how augmented reality is changing the way we interact with technology and information, contact us for more details on our pro AR app work or read up on the pros and cons of using AR apps here.

Apps, specifically those that are AR apps are in high demand. But what really is an AR app? It’s a type of software application for smartphones and tablets that enhances the user experience by adding computer generated images on top of real life objects. 

The purpose of these apps is to make things more interesting or fun for the user. However, like any program there are pros and cons associated with them as well. In this blog we will cover some of the pros and cons of using AR Apps so people can decide if it’s something they want to try out or not.


They’re free (most of them), they’re entertaining, innovative, you can learn from them without even realizing it, you don’t have to use your hands.


The app takes up too much space on your phone because it’s about 10 times larger than most other apps. It also doesn’t work well with iPhones because they’re not compatible with this type of program yet.


Google has just announced ARCore, a new platform for building augmented reality experiences. This is big news in the tech world because it means that developers can now build apps and games that work with any Android device running version N or later.

Augmented Reality Core Apps are becoming more popular as people explore how they interact with their surroundings while using these applications. One of our favorite examples is this game called “The Machines” by developer Ketchapp where you use your phone to battle against robots on an island floating in space.

We hope you’ll consider incorporating some of these technologies into your own marketing strategy soon if you haven’t already done so. Have you tried out any cool augmented reality core apps yet? Let us know what’s been working.

Now that you know what ARCore is, check out some of our favorite augmented reality apps to see the possibilities. You can find these on Google Play or in the App Store under AR.

These are just a few examples of how your business could use AR to gain an advantage over competitors and impress customers through engaging experiences. Want more? Check out this list of top augmented reality apps for Android.

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