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What are EMF Dangers and How It Can Be Controlled?


  1. EMFs originate from natural and human-made sources and can have up to 300 GHz frequencies.
  2. HSE outlines effects ranging from nausea and vertigo to nerve stimulation in different frequency bands.
  3. Medical applications contribute significantly to EMF dangers, making up 20% of the population’s total exposure.
  4. EMF Solutions offers effective products to neutralize and balance electromagnetic radiation.

In our daily lives, we’ve become accustomed to the modern conveniences of technology. However, few realize the potential health risks associated with the devices that power our world.

From power lines to cellphones, microwaves to Wi-Fi routers, and even our trusty computers – they all emit EMFs. The big question is, what are EMF dangers? Is it safe? If not, then how can it be controlled? So, we’ll delve into this topic further in this blog post.

What are EMF Sources?

The Health and Safety Executive reported that EMFs can come in different types, like static electric, static magnetic, time-varying electric, and electromagnetic fields. These fields can have frequencies up to 300 GHz.

According to the World Health Organization, EMFs have two main sources:

  • Natural sources – These come from the environment, like the Earth’s magnetic field and electric charges during thunderstorms.
  • Human-made sources – These are the EMFs we encounter daily. They come from common electronics such as electric wiring, mobile phones, power tools, display screens, TV antennas, and X-rays in hospitals.

Are EMFs Dangerous?

Before discussing the potential danger of EMF exposure, it’s crucial to understand the studies on how much EMF is dangerous. The health risks of EMFs depend on how strong the field is and the range of frequencies a person is exposed to.

Now, if you’re thinking, are EMF fields dangerous? So, the answer is Yes! HSE gives information on the different effects of EMF exposure based on frequency range and intensity:

  • 0-1 Hz static fields – Effects range from getting hurt by objects attracted to magnets to nausea, vertigo, metallic mouth taste, and micro shocks. This can happen around equipment like MRI.
  • 1 Hz – 10 MHz low electric/magnetic fields – Effects can come from high-power voltage lines, which produce and distribute electricity, and AM radios. Nausea, vertigo, and nerve stimulation, like tingling and muscle contractions, can also occur.
  • 100 kHz – 10MHz intermediate field – Anti-theft devices and broadcasting systems/devices can cause adverse effects.
  • 100 kHz – 300 GHz high-frequency field – This can result from diathermy, radar, and radio transmitters.

EMF Dangers Impact on Human Health


Ionizing Radiation

Ionizing radiation can be harmful as it can break chemical bonds and change the structures of various substances, including human tissue. So, if you are exposed to high levels of radiation for a long time, you are more likely to experience damage. This could happen, for example, with repeated X-rays without protection.

Increased exposure to ionizing radiation may cause immediate damage like:

  1. Burns
  2. Hair loss
  3. Skin damage
  4. Organ and tissue damage
  5. Damage to a developing fetus
  6. Harm to bone marrow

Medical applications like X-rays and radiation therapy contribute to 98% of EMF damage to humans. It makes up 20% of the population’s total exposure.

Non-ionizing Radiation

Typical levels of exposure to non-ionizing radiation usually don’t affect human health. Moreover, non-ionizing radiation, like the heat from a microwave, is generally not dangerous. However, high doses can harm human tissue in certain situations, especially in industrial or scientific settings.

Certain organs, like the eyes and testes, are more vulnerable to tissue damage from non-ionizing radiation. It is because of their low blood supply and less ability to regulate temperature.

Symptoms of Acute Radiation Syndrome (ARS)

ARS, or radiation sickness, can be severe. It usually occurs after exposure to very high radiation levels in a short time, possibly within minutes. Symptoms may include vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, and headaches. Recovery may happen for a while, but then symptoms may return, potentially including fatigue, loss of appetite, fever, seizures, or even a coma.

How to Control EMF Dangers?

Our exposure to EMFs has significantly increased in today’s technologically advanced world. Fortunately, EMF Solutions helps to reduce these dangers by offering effective products. Here are our four EMF protection products:

1. Home Harmonizer


Our home harmonizer will neutralize and balance electromagnetic fields within your home. It uses advanced technology to emit frequencies that counteract the harmful effects of EMFs.

2. EMF Band


At EMF Solutions, we also offer an EMF band (wearable device) that acts as a personal EMF shield. It provides continuous protection against the potential negative effects of electromagnetic radiation on the go.

3. Laptop Chip


Our small, adhesive laptop chip is designed to be fixed to laptops. It uses electromagnetic shielding technology to absorb and disperse radiation emitted by the laptop.

4. Car Harmonizer


Our car harmonizer is specifically designed for vehicles to address EMF concerns while driving. It aims to create a more balanced electromagnetic environment within the car.


Understanding the complexities of EMF dangers is essential to protect against health risks associated with varying field frequencies. The distinction between ionizing and non-ionizing radiation risks highlights the importance of addressing EMF exposure in medical applications. Further, with our EMF blockers, such as the Home Harmonizer, EMF Band, Laptop Chip, and Car Harmonizer you can create safer environments by neutralizing and balancing electromagnetic fields.

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