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What are the advantages of Offset Printing Machine?

Whenever we see a product, we judge it based on the quality of its packaging and printing. We usually pick the product which looks good on the shelf, on digital and social media platforms. The buyer makes the decision of buying the product in a few seconds based on its packaging. So the primary thing that can give a breakthrough to your product is your quality of packaging. Offset printing provides the best quality printing experience, which makes it the best technique of the printing industry.

Offset printing is the process of transferring the inked image from a plate to a rubber blanket and then lastly to the printing surface. It is the most commonly used printing technique providing the best quality printing results. The method is combined with a lithographic process that works based on the repulsion of oil and water. The technique prints the image by taking the ink from ink rollers by keeping the non-printing areas ink-free.

The Offset Printing machine was introduced in 1875 by Robert Barclay in two different versions. It was first used for printing on the tin and was later Ira Washington Rubel used as a machine for printing on paper. 

Evolution of Offset Printing 

Offset printing machines are one of the most popular techniques of creating printed material. It is commonly used for printing newspapers, magazines, brochures, stationery, and books. In comparison to other printing methods, offset printing is an economically suitable technique that helps in printing high-quality prints in large volumes. It also needs low maintenance and is a one-time investment making it cost-effective. Offset Printing Machines have modernized their process of working. Now it uses computers for plate systems which ultimately increases the quality of the resulting products.

Why is the Offset Printing Machine considered the best for the printing industry?

Offset printing is the most commonly used printing technique and is also popularly known as a bag printing machine. It allows you to print multiple colors for photographic advertisements. The offset printing machines feature different metal plates for different colors, including Cyan, Yellow, Magenta, and Black, which are later transferred to rubber blankets and then to the media to be printed. 

Benefits of Investing in an Offset Printing Machine for your business- Advantages of Offset Printing Machines

  • High Definition Quality

Offset Printing is considered the best printing technique as it provides superior print quality on every type of print surface. The Offset Printing Machine can control the ink flow across the four-color plates, which reduces the number of wasted prints and also prevents the contrast issues for providing the best quality images every time. The wastage of prints is reduced and gives you high-quality results.

  • Cost-Efficient

We all know that Offset printing machines can print large volume orders at one time, which reduces the overall cost of changing printing cycles. The cost depends on the printing volume required. The more you increase the volume or no. of pieces needed, the cost per unit will automatically decrease. Also, it is featured with metal plates on which the images are directly transferred, capable of printing a million impressions. Rotogravure and Photogravure techniques are also known for providing enhanced quality products, but the cost of printing is high. Offset printing machines are less expensive, and the cost of printing per unit is also not high.

  • Quick Process

The installation process of the Offset Printing Machines is a bit time-consuming, and you may need to complete a few steps before you start using it for your business purposes. Offset Printing Machines speed up the printing process by eliminating the shortcomings of other machines. The time invested for installing the offset printing machines will be compensated with highly consistent and speedy high volume printing orders in one cycle. 

  • Suitable to any Print surface

Offset Printing Machines are featured with a flexible rubber blanket that easily adapts itself to different surfaces and shapes. The printing surface can be of any shape or surface, such as round containers, plastic bottles, print labels, sleeves, wrappers without any difficulty. The materials which are ideally suitable for printing include wood, canvas, fabric, metal, plastics, paper, calfskin, vinyl, texture, and cardstock. It offers a broad scope of growth as it does not restrict the printing process to paper only.

  • Reasonable Printing Plates

Your printing organization needs printing plates for the better functioning of business activities. The printing plates of offset printing machines are cheaper in comparison to the plates used in other printing techniques. Also, it is easier to use and can be used multiple times, reducing the overall cost of plates than direct printing.

Features of Offset Printing Machines:

  • This technique of printing has proved to be consistent with the high image quality with a sharp and clean look because it has a rubber blanket that conforms to the texture of different printing surfaces. 
  • The process of offset printing is a lot more quick and easy because of the hassle-free production of plates.
  • The life span of the printing plates used in offset printing machines is longer than other printing techniques because there is no contact between the plates and the printing surface. The printing plates are adequately developed and are used with optimized inks that help in achieving millions of impressions.
  • The offset printing process is a lot cheaper than any other printing technique. It is the most efficient method for producing superior quality resulting prints making it highly suitable for commercial printing.
  • It is featured with a fountain roller along with screw keys for adjusting the amount of ink used for printing. A metal blade is used to control the amount of ink being transferred on the fountain roller, making it easier to either increase or decrease the amount of ink as per the printing need.
  • The offset Printing technique modifies the density of the color in different areas of the image. Earlier, the process was done manually, but in modern machines, the operational process is completed electronically, enhancing the accuracy level of the end results.


Conclusion paragraph: Offset printing machines can be a cost-effective way to produce high-volume print jobs. They are often used by large publishing, commercial, and advertising companies that need larger quantities of printed materials on an ongoing basis. This type of machine prints with ink onto paper or other material and is considered the most common method for big businesses, who want professional quality prints without spending too much money per job. There’s no shortage of offset printers out there so it might take some time before, you find one at your desired price point but we’ll help you get started looking in our directory! 

The offset printing machine is a very important part of the print industry. It has been around for over 150 years and it’s still going strong today! Offset presses are used to produce high-quality, full-color prints that can be sold in stores or online. This blog post provided an overview of what offset printing machines are, how they work, why they’re so popular. Hopefully, this article will help you understand what offsets do if you’re considering purchasing one for your business!

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