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What Are the Benefits of TikTok for Businesses?

If you’re not a millennial or Gen Z-er, you might be overwhelmed by the hottest social media app at the moment. TikTok is an enigma to anyone who isn’t interested in snappy videos and smooth editing, but it may actually help out your small business.

Using TikTok for businesses is tricky. You don’t want to give off the “Hello, fellow kids” vibe. Millennials and Gen Z-ers don’t respond well to traditional marketing.

So why does it work? Let’s talk about it. Keep reading to learn about the TikTok benefits for businesses.

New Audiences

TikTok opens you up to audiences that you wouldn’t have had in the past. If you’re trying to target younger people, but you’re having difficulty, it’s because many of them are no longer using some of the popular social media sites.

Facebook is no longer a go-to platform for young people. Many of them only use it to keep in touch with friends and family or network for jobs. They may use it for free photo storage.

TikTok gives you a worldwide audience and it comes with the younger audiences who have abandoned Facebook.

Getting in Early

While TikTok is huge, it’s still in its younger years. Not only that, but TikTok has introduced an ad program that’s still in the early stages. This means that you can get in on those ads now before some of the other businesses within your niche have caught on.

Learning how to use TikTok the right way is tricky, but if you make it work, you can gather an audience before your rivals even set up their accounts.

Easy Brand Recognition

This one requires a bit of extra work on your end, but once you’ve finished, you can reap the benefits of TikTok in huge ways.

TikTok is great for developing brand recognition. If you create an entertaining brand image and post consistent videos, you’ll find that more and more people will gravitate towards you.

Humor is key here. You want people to want to repost and “duet” your videos so they can spread them around. For people to find your videos, you may have to invest in TikTok likes at first, but soon you’ll have organic traffic from people who like what you do.

You Can Re-Use Videos

When you make a TikTok, the video saves to your phone. This makes it easy to post elsewhere as long as you’re careful with the music that you’re using.

Reposting to Instagram or Facebook is a breeze, so you’re “killing several birds with one stone,” so to speak. Why do extra work if you don’t have to?

Try Using TikTok for Businesses Today

The bar to entry for TikTok is low. You need to know a few editing skills and develop a strong brand image, but overall, using TikTok for businesses is easy to start.

Why not try reaching your new TikTok audience today?

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