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What Are The Commercial Ways To Become A Pilot?

The students must be licensed and start as a trainee in order to become a commercial pilot. Once you turn 25, you are likely to be a captain based on experience and abilities. 

Selecting a career as a business pilot is not only a challenge but also a worthwhile task. Piloting has always been regarded as one of the most exciting career options and many students want to become very young pilots. 

A career as a pilot offers not only high wages but also exciting experience and exposure. Usually, you must start at the age of 17 if you want to become a pilot. The students must be licensed and start as a trainee in order to become a commercial pilot. When you turn 25, you will actually be a captain based on experience and abilities. You can opt for the Cadet Pilot Program in India.

Who’s a pilot commercial?

A Commercial Aircraft Pilot is a specialist in operating aircraft or helicopters for business purposes that may include passenger or cargo transportation, road control, emergency rescue and evacuation, aircraft inspection, fire-fighting and crop dusting. Commercial airlines usually appoint a minimum of two people as pilot crew, i.e. a captain and first officer or co-pilot. 

Cadet Pilot Program in India

Trade pilot: courses and qualifications

Details of the courses and the eligibility criteria for a commercial pilot in India are given below. 

Whether you want to become a Commercial Pilot in India, you need a Commercial Pilot License (CPL). 

The General Directorate of Civil Aviation (DGCA) is the CPL authority. 

The candidates willing to become a commercial pilot must have passed Intermediate or 12th Standard at the beginning. 

They need to participate in a DGCA-approved pilot training course.

For applicants to enter DGCA-approved institutes, a written examination must be valid. 

In addition to the written examination, applicants must be medically qualified according to the medical evaluation rules for DGCA Class I. 

Candidates must fly for 200 hours to qualify for a Commercial Pilot License. 

It is also compulsory to apply for CPL to pass theory papers. 

Students, therefore, need to clear their examination leads from various aviation academics in order to be qualified to obtain CPL. 

Flight Pilot: Flight 

A candidate must undergo extensive training not only in flight but in science and engineering involved in flying an aircraft before he is awarded the CPL. Candidates must be very careful about their preparation because the lives of hundreds of passengers rely on their expertise. 

The details of the training required for CPL in India are given below. 

Initially, novice pilots are thoroughly trained in academics and subsequently, the fighting instructors are qualified in flight. 

The applicants would initially be placed on dual flights. 

If the candidates can fly a dual flight for 15 hours, they are entitled to travel alone. 

The applicants must be qualified for six months or one year after earning the CPL. 

Commercial Pilot License in India

What commercial pilots do they know during the course? 

The Commercial Pilots would discuss all aspects of aircraft operation, their maintenance, the mechanics and science involved in aircraft travel, training of equipment contained in the cockpit, how to communicate with air traffic control etc. during their training time. Several of the subjects taught during Commercial Pilot Training are given below. 

  • Control of Cockpit Capacity 
  • Regulations on climate 
  • Airframes and motors 
  • Meteorology of aviation 
  • Navigation by sea 
  • Flight Planning and so on. 

Professional Pilots of Helicopters 

Pilots need a Commercial Helicopter Pilot License (CPL) to fly a helicopter. 

The license may be obtained after formal training and clearing examinations on aviation topics for prescribed hours. 

Helicopter Pilots’ job opportunities are higher and are likely to be employed both by major corporations and by helicopter operators, public sector organizations, defence and protection agencies. 

Private Pilot: Packages of pay 

The salary details of Commercial Pilots in India are given below. 

A new one has a chance of earning between Rs.10 and 15 lakh per year depending on airlines. 

Senior commercial pilots with reputable airlines receive Rs.65 lakh per year to Rs.1 crore. You can opt for a Commercial Pilot License in India.
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