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What Are The Enhanced Gameplay In NBA 2K23?

With NBA 2K23 releasing in less than a month, you might be interested in what’s new in it. Here we’ll give you a detailed overview of the NBA 2K23 gameplay enhancements.

By now we already know a lot of information about NBA 2K23, such as the release date, cover athletes, etc. Although this game needs to wait until September 9 to be released, we can pre-order NBA 2K23 now. If you want to get an edge in NBA 2K23, then you can pre-order the game. This way you can get a lot of cheap MT 2K23 and unique items.

The most important of the known information is the change in NBA 2K23 gameplay. NBA 2k23 will have a lot of enhanced gameplay which will affect your experience. This game will be the most realistic in the NBA 2K series, with more realistic animations and more intense competition.

Below we will explain how NBA 2K23 offensive gameplay enhancements will make the game more realistic.

What are the gameplay enhancements for NBA 2K23?


Slashers will be buffed in NBA 2K23. the visual concept adds more tools for slashers to make them more effective when attacking the basket. New gesture combinations have been added to the Pro Stick, called “double throws” and “switchbacks”.

Two Throws

  • Toggle the Pro Stick in one direction.
  • Quickly bring it back to the center.
  • Then toggle the Pro Stick in the same direction again.

Switching Process

  • You need to toggle the Pro Stick in one direction.
  • Then let it center.
  • Finally, move the Pro Stick quickly in the opposite direction.

These skill-based Pro Sticks will give players new weapons in shooting and holding the ball.


NBA 2K23 will also offer players better control of their layups with the same map controls as dunks:

Euro Step and Cradle Layups
Quick Scoop Layups

Bigger players will also have stronger contact for layups, making body collisions look more realistic.


Strong shooting is just as important as slashing, so dunk control has been improved in NBA 2K23. The timed skill of dunking returns from NBA 2K22, but this time, there are new commands. Players can now control more of the player’s movements around the basket.

The actions that can be completed with the Pro Stick are as follows.

  • UP: Two-Hand Dunk
  • RIGHT: Strong Hand Dunk
  • LEFT: Weak Hand Dunk
  • DOWN: Rim Hang
  • UP-UP (Double Throw): Flashy Two-Hand
  • DOWN-UP (Switchback): Flashy One-Hand
  • UP-DOWN (Switchback): Normal Skill Dunk with meter
  • DOWN-DOWN (Double Throw): Rim Hang Skill Dunk with meter

The visual concept also adds to the fun time of the Rim Hang control with your dunk. When you use the Rim Hang gesture described above, holding down the Sprint trigger allows your player to hang on to the rum. You can also use the left stick to adjust your body momentum and the right stick to pull yourself closer to the basket. This is probably one of the most exciting improvements to the NBA 2K23 gameplay to date.


Of course, you won’t have a more realistic offensive experience if you don’t touch the shot, so NBA 2K23 will get some nice upgrades as well. Shot Attributes is a new feature that provides each signature jump shot with its unique shot statistic. This attribute helps determine its effectiveness.

Shooting attributes will receive a modification. Signature jumpers will now have unique shooting stats to help determine their effectiveness:

The speed at which the shot reaches the desired release point
how high the shot is released
how good is the shooter at shooting over defense
reward good timing more at the cost of an increased penalty for bad timing

NBA 2K23 will also add more shooting animations than any NBA 2K game, more than twice as many as any NBA 2K game. There are five new shot meters to choose from at launch, and you’ll get another 15 at a later date. These animations will give players a more realistic look at how each NBA player shoots their jump shot. For MyPLAYER, be sure to choose the right shot animation. Because it will now be determined by the shot ratings above, choose animations that resonate with the way you flick your Pro Stick.

AI Gameplay

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S players will experience better dribbling, blocking, and all-around coaching and defense through the game’s AI. This also means we can get a more realistic gameplay experience in NBA 2K23. We don’t have to worry about AI players lagging or performing some inhuman actions in the game.


Likewise, double throws and cutbacks now have a different effect on the lows:

Post Drop Step and Hop Shots
Shimmy and Hook Shots

Dribbling Combos

New to NBA 2K23 is the combo move while dribbling. Again, switchback and double throw are the main culprits:

Signature double cross and hesitation cross combo moves
Signature Size-ups

NBA 2K23 introduces “offensive sizing” that allows movement from side to side, forcing defenders to drop and shift. Lure them to move from side to side as you move to the other side. Use these new features to outsmart your opponent and create an opportunity for yourself on the court. But be careful, these reel-to-reel combos will quickly run out of your stamina.

Adrenaline Boosts

One of the most important offensive enhancements to NBA 2K23 is the new Adrenaline boost feature. Each player will have three available gains per turn, indicated by three small bars under the stamina meter. Each time you apply pressure to a player, these elements will be deleted. Once depleted, speed and acceleration will significantly reduce the remaining possessions. You should try to manage your entire team’s adrenaline boost to make every turn on the court last longer than your opponent’s.

As with dribble streaks, it’s important to play smart basketball and move efficiently. You can’t get around the defense by zigzagging back and forth aimlessly.

Shot Meters

Since NBA 2K22’s shot table was controversial, players will get more options in NBA 2K23. More than 20 meters of shot meters will be unlocked next year. Now you can choose the shot meter that best suits your needs. The new shot meter option is a common problem for the community, so we’re sure everyone will find an option they like.

The shot feedback has also received subtle tweaks. The shot arc is used to indicate the release time of the shot, and shot feedback will now only appear after the ball hits the basket.

Floor Generals

For the organizational core, the new generation of under-the-basket pass-backs is the same as the current generation from last year. Players simply hold Y/šŸ”ŗ to allow your receiver to cut to the basket and then release the pass button.

As part of the offensive gameplay enhancements, NBA 2K23 will also introduce a new point-and-shoot passing mechanic. If you press and hold B/ā­•, the receiver you’re pointing at with the left stick will execute a quick V or flare cut to open himself up beyond the arc.

By now you should already know about the enhanced gameplay in 2K23. These gameplay will greatly enhance our gaming experience in NBA 2K23. So are you ready to get into this game?

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