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What Is A Physical Therapy CEU?

Physical Therapy CEU is the latest education advancement to help physical therapy professionals be more effective. The Certified Professional Therapist (CPT) certification process is becoming more popular in today’s world. Many people feel stuck in the “one size fits all” mentality of the education world and wish that all therapists had the same education requirements as everyone else. Fortunately, with the CEU, physical therapy CEUs will help make things easier for everyone!

Make Your Life Less Complicate The philosophy of this CEU is to create the CEU process so that PTs and physical therapists can have more practice, which leads to more patient satisfaction, at less cost, and in less time! In other words, you get more CEUs, pay less, and have more time to spend with your patients. You’ll learn more and have more fun as a result. You’ll gain access to more Continuing Education Units (CEUs) within the same price you pay for the initial degree program, while taking less time to complete your degree. You’ll also gain access to a credential, which will allow you to be licensed or certified in more areas than you could have ever dreamed possible.

Become A Better PT As you complete your CEU training you will have the opportunity to take special studies courses that will help you become a better physical therapist assistant. These include anatomy, cognitive psychology, diagnostic nursing care, human body systems, medical terminology, microbiology, orthopedics, physiology, psychology, physiology, and statistics. This course of study will teach you the skills you need to assist physical therapists in their work. These skills will allow you to provide improved patient care and increase your earning potential, as a physical therapist assistant.

Renew Your CEU Requirements As part of your physical therapy assistant continuing education courses, you will need to complete an approved continuing education units (CEU). There are two types of CEUs – academic and non-academic. Academic CEUs must be completed on a specific schedule – usually four years – while non-academic CEUs can be completed at any time. If your job or school requires it, you will be required to complete two hours of those types of courses every two hours. You cannot take more than two hours of non-academic CEU coursework.

Get Your CEU Approved The first step in obtaining your CEU approval is finding an approved provider. In order to find an approved provider you should first call your state’s department of health. Once you have done that you should call the American Association for Physical Therapy (AAPT) and ask them for information about approved providers in your state. The APT will help you contact your state’s department of health and find an approved provider near you. Once you have obtained an approval card, you should keep it with your certificate that has your name and contact information on it. You will also need to complete and pass a continuing education units at the time that you get your certificate.

Renew Your Certification When your certificate expires you will need to get re-certified. A physical therapy ceu program will provide you with the training that you need to re-certify in each state that you practice. To do this you should contact your state board of licensed physical therapists. They will help you find a program that is state approved and also help you through the process of renewing your certification every year. Each state has its own CEU requirements, so you should contact your licensing board to find out what the CEU requirements are in your area.

Take Your CPR Certification Class Even if you did not take your refresher course in a given year, it is still highly recommended that you take a CPR class. This certification is required by all hospitals and nursing homes, and can save your life in the event of a cardiac arrest. You should contact your local hospital or nursing home ahead of time and find out what the required training is for you to take the CPR class. You can also go online to find out what the requirements are for your area.

Completing a physical therapy CEU program is a great way to prepare yourself for a career in physical therapy. There is plenty of CEUs available, which can range in length from two weeks to four years. You should be prepared to complete the necessary coursework in order to meet your state’s CEU requirements. You should always contact your local board of licensed physical therapists to make sure that you meet all of your CEU requirements.
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