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What is a product inspection?

Product inspection is checking goods for compliance with your specifications and requirements. Generally conducted at the manufacturing unit manufacturing your product, the product inspection method mainly focuses on checking the appearance, building, and fundamental characteristics of a product.

1. During Production Check

During production and operations management, look to perceive and resolve any problems during the production cycle.

What is in the course of production test (DUPRO) During the product inspection process?

During manufacturing, look at the Inspection, which is a product inspection carried out when 20 to 80% of your production is finished, packed, and ready for shipping. This Inspection informs you if the plant in query continues to adhere or is now not to the agreed specifications and time limits at the starting place of your order. This ‘DUPRO’ take a look at keeping your production on track.

Here are some valuable statistics about manufacturing Inspection. 

For each Inspection, Inspection uses internationally identified statistical sampling process standards: These world standards enable you to look at the functionality, performance, durability, and dimensions of your ordered goods. Certificates of Inspection will be issued in the letter of credit.

2. Pre-shipment Inspection

When 80% of the manufacturing is finished, an inspector intervenes in the manufacturing unit to control and check your finished products according to your specifications and the industrial requirements.

What is a pre-shipment inspection (PSI or Pre-Shipment Inspection)?

When at least 80% of your production is completed, a PSI will look at completed merchandise that is randomly sampled. Pre-shipment Inspection is the closing chance to take corrective action before your manufacturing is shipped via the supplier and gives you an average view of the best of your order. Pre-shipment Inspection is an attractive and aggressive solution to import dangers and their financial consequences.

For all inspections, Tetra Inspection uses the internationally recognized statistical sampling standard. The Inspection includes a test on the product’s features, performance, durability, standard appearance, and dimensions. Inspection certificates can also be issued (in the case of a fee to the producer through a letter of credit).

3. Container Loading Control

This is the final step in the inspection excellent management process. Check the last small print of your production in extent and first-rate, and check the safety of the loading in the container before shipping and payment.

What is a Container Load Control (CLC)?

The CLC is finished once manufacturing is entire and the items are loaded for shipment. During a container loading inspection, the Inspector randomly selects cartons and verifies that each one contains the quantity of product ordered, that the exceptional of the products correspond to the specifications or the pattern furnished and that the packaging contains the barcodes, labels, and that the fabric used is the right one. The manner and conditions of container loading are strictly monitored to ensure that all paid merchandise is precisely loaded to guide the journey. A CLC reduces the hazard of damage at some stage in shipping.

4. Production monitoring

Inspectors evaluate your manufacturing daily to identify and fix troubles in real-time at volatile orders.

What is production monitoring?

Monitor the plant from the opening to the top of the manufacturing cycle. Production monitoring consists of regular inspections of your production website over time. An inspector controls your plant, ensures that your specifications are met, randomly selects devices to inspect, and identifies and eliminates defects and causes. You get hold of a daily document on the fine and growth in the production solution, giving you control over the manufacturing process.

Production monitoring is the assurance of merchandise that meet your specifications.

Why operate a product inspection?

  • To make sure the product is excellent at every stage of production
  • Check the high quality at the source and now not pay the defective goods
  • To keep away from reminders and defend your reputation
  • Anticipate manufacturing and transport times
  • To optimize your fantastic control budget


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Obtaining train acquirement experts in agreement exchange of a seriously wide assortment of types, quite far past stylish expressions and conditions. Support IT, and you’ll quickly concentrate on the most proficient method to arrange Programming as a Help (SaaS) arrangements, Administration Level Arrangements (SLA), Proclamations of Work, and memberships. Work with HR, and you’ll quickly be knowledgeable in provisional work arrangements. The universes of money and wrongdoing spin around counseling and master supplier arrangements. Offices rely on areas of strength for arrangements for central air, plumbing, electrical, security, feasts and refreshment administration, grounds, and waste administration, among others.

work task

Purchaser is called purchaser in Chinese, a general term for all buying staff. Regardless of the degree of obtainment staff, the last investigation is a purchaser, a purchaser. The purchaser’s work undertakings have three viewpoints: material stock, stock level c control, and control. A magnificent purchaser can convey the materials to the organization on time with the most reduced cost available, quality, and amount.

The main evaluation markers are lead time, least quantitative MOQ, and cost. The control level of these three pointers straightforwardly mirrors the expert level of a purchaser. It generally requires quite a while or something else for a purchaser to turn into a certified purchaser; among them, the more fantastic and exhaustive purchasers will have the valuable chance to get advanced, function as buying chiefs, or in any event, buying chiefs. With the quick headway of innovation and the fast changes in the business climate, the connection among endeavors and providers is continually changing, and the customary stock relationship is evolving quickly. Buying staff is expected to get familiar with specialized data and changes in economic situations, and their effect on the organization.

Likewise getting greater. In many organizations in Europe, America, and Taiwan, the acquisition workforce is partitioned into two kinds: Purchaser and Sourcer.

What are the advantages of Tetra Product Inspection Services? 

Our excellent assurance services specialists can help you identify the steps necessary to correct any non-compliances determined earlier than shipments. We can shop your money by deploying our professionals, even in far-flung areas.

The benefits of Tetra Inspection

Why Tetra Inspection:

Simple, all-inclusive pricing

On-site inspector inside and same-day report

Easy online ordering and customs inspection protocol

As an impartial great control company, we stand through you and defend your business interests.


Online Management of your Quality Control Needs: You create your account for free, graph your Inspections Online, and pay and get hold of your specific Inspection Reports in electronic format.

Safer: Tetra Inspection uses the strictest global requirements to ensure that security and rules are respected.

Speed and simplicity: We guarantee the intervention of one of our inspectors on time

Detailed inspection reports– 80% of our reports are submitted on the same day of the Inspection. All our reviews include detailed shots. You see what the Inspector sees.

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