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What is an Authorised person in share trading?

Investing in any capital market requires you to invest through authorized people. Authorized people are those who help you navigate your way into the equity market. They act as a source of contact between stockbrokers and investors that helps facilitate the whole investment process. They match the investment requirements with the best deals that help you maximize profits.

To know more about authorized people, and the roles and functions in online trading, keep reading this post.

Who is an authorized person?

An authorized person is someone who extended the right investment facilities to your investors. The authorized persons also include selling, buying, and dealing with securities. They also assist stockbrokers in boosting the volume of business. They also build the book of business for stockbrokers by introducing new investors and allowing them to present clients to invest.

They also include helping investors with investments by carrying out all the transactions, guiding clients with the right advice, and extending all the services to them.

Where are they registered?

Authorized people also need to be registered under SEBI. A contact is meant to be drawn between the authorized person and the stockbroker where all the regulations, rules, economic terms, and rights of both parties are spoken about in detail.

Functions Under StockBroker

Authorized people, when working under stockbrokers will perform a certain list of duties like business development, maintaining deal qualities, and ensuring all details are transparent and the right documents are submitted at the right time. They will also update other stockbrokers about transactions done by other clients and issue notes of sales on their behalf.

Functions Under Clients

When authorized people are working under clients, they will help them make informed choices in terms of investments. All assistance shall be provided in help them invest in securities effectively and earn great returns on the investments. Authorized people are those who forward market news and tips on the right clients to make investment processes easy. They understand financial goals and needs and will provide you with the necessary guidance.

The good part about such authorized people is that they keep updating you on new ideas, simplify the whole experience of stock broking for you and help you make more confident choices in terms of stock.

How much do authorized people earn in India?

Well, that depends on the revenue that is generated from the client. The authorized person can choose from fixed revenue for every client for brokerage options. When it comes to earnings, any number is possible because most organizations have a whole range of financial products as well as customization options as well.


In other words, authorized people are cogs in a wheel and without them, we can’t expect the capital market to function in the right manner. If you want to begin as an authorized person, make sure to check out Angel One. We will help you find the right fundamental foundation with training, expert guidance, and a personal network.



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