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What is Water Damage in Bonita Springs and How Can You Avert It?

How long have you been living in Bonita Springs? Have you ever noticed water damage in Bonita Springs? It is often caused due to incessant rain, flood, or any other reason. If you ignore it for a long time, it can leave lasting damage not only to your property but also to your health.

According to IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification), water damage in Bonita Springs has been categorized into the following types:

First Type

The first type of water damage includes leaking appliances, burst water pipes, and small amounts of rainwater. The characteristic of this type of water is that it remains clean at the source, so it does not pose any health hazards if people consume them. The good thing about it is that it requires more tools and less time for its remediation.

How Can It Affect You?

Although this type of water damage is not hazardous, it can become moderately dangerous if one does not deal with it forthwith. The expert should speed up the duration for its remediation if the right conditions for microorganism growth are present, such as humidity, stagnant air, and moderate temperatures around 68-86 degrees Fahrenheit.

Second Type

The second type of water damage, popular as gray water, is characterized by its contamination at the source, or the first type of water damage has been neglected, as mentioned above. It is moderately dangerous and could cause some degree of discomfort or sickness for people and even animals if exposed.

What Does It Include?

The most common things of this type of water damage include puncture water beds, broken aquariums, washing machine overflow, washing machine overflow, hydrostatic pressure seepage, sump pump back-up, toilet overflow with urine but no feces, and discharge from washing machines or dishwashers. Mostly, it includes bio-contaminants, chemicals, and various other forms of contaminants that are hazardous to human health.

What are Its Health Effects?

Its health effects include fever, headache, nausea, inflammatory response, skin irritation, burning eyes, hypersensitivity pneumonitis, allergic rhinitis, and allergic asthma. Again, conductive temperature and time give room for deterioration to the third water damage within 48 hours.

Third Type

This is the most dangerous type of water damage in Bonita Springs Also known as black water, it is highly contaminated, contains pathogens, and can cause serious illness or even death in extreme conditions. Any person with a weak immune system, and allergies, and children should stay away from the structure for the duration of the infection and clean up.

Health Hazards of Water Damage

Many health hazards are associated with water damage in Bonita Springs. The growth of toxic mold is one common health hazard with it. There are countless strains of mold that can grow in affected areas. posing serious health risks to human beings. Many short-term effects are very unpleasant, such as rashes, coughing, and fatigue. The long-term effects of mold can be much more frightening than in the short-term as long-term mold exposure has been linked to many different cancers, even life-threatening infections.

Apart from mold, water damage can bring humans into contact with a large array of harmful microorganisms that can cause severe illness and even death.

Tips on Water Damage Repair

You need not worry about water damage. You can go for water damage repair in Bonita Springs if you contemplate the following tips:

Come into Action Quickly

On finding any water damage in your home, you should solve your problem without any delay. Some water damage repair companies offer their services around the clock to help you cope with water damage. Contacting these companies as soon as you notice such a problem in your home will ease your water damage. To prevent mold growth, EPA (Environment Protection Agency) recommends drying out wet or damp areas within 24-48 hours.

Be Cautious

Stay Vigilant to ward off any eventuality. If there is a stagnation of water, you should switch off your electricity to avoid electrocution. Besides, do not use regular household appliances to remove water. If the water is contaminated from a sewage line, you and your family should leave home so that you and they are not prone to any sickness.

Recognizing Subtler Sings

If you are dealing with a burst pipe or flood, it is hard to ignore it. But in some cases, water damage signs can be easy to miss. To prevent this hidden water damage, you should regularly inspect your home for leaks in the kitchen and bathroom. Look for moldy or damp spots in these as well as other areas, such as in window frames or around the washing machine. Also, look for soft spots in your walls, which could be a sign of hidden damage.

Evacuate Water

Start removing the water. You have a couple of options for it. For relatively minor conditions, allowing a damp space air to dry may be a good choice for you. For air-drying a wet room, you should open all windows and doors, use fans to circulate air inside, which will accelerate drying time. Dehumidifiers may also prove to be helpful to you. However, if you have lots of water, you should hire professional services to extract water from your home.

Dry Your Valuables

If water has damaged your photos, books, or any other valuable item, you will need to dry them out as early as possible. If there is extensive water damage, you need to prioritize which items to take care of first, as you will get better results if you take action within 24 hours of damage taking place. Professional cleaning services can also give you advice on preventing valuables from getting damaged.

How Can Professional Services Help You in Water Damage Repair?

Since water damage may not necessarily be visible, it is important for you to detect water absorption and where to look for it. However, some common places where you can find initial water damage signs are the following:

Your Roof

This part of your house, which is subjected to wear and tear due to various reasons, such as old or poor-quality roof tiling, weather extremities, continuous hitting from tree branches, etc. Water dripping down any part of the roof is a sign of mold remediation.

Windows and Doors

Second, water can seep through these parts of your house. If they are not properly installed, it may give rise to considerable mold growth. Moreover, water intrusion can also damage the insulation system within your house. Notice your windows and doors very carefully during rainfall and other weather changes for signs of mold damage.

Drains and Gutters

Third, overflowing or blocked drains and gutters can be a cause of water damage in your house. During a heavy downpour, if the gutters get clogged, it will not send down the water flowing from the roofs and will result in a large amount of water collecting near the base of your house. This will be harmful to the foundation of your house and will cause moisture to seep into your house.


Fourthly, appliances, such as washing machines, dishwashers, dryers, refrigerators, etc., should be regularly checked and regulated for proper maintenance and prevention of possible leakages, which might be a cause of water damage.

Finally, water damage can also be due to other factors, such as sewage overflow and flood.

At ServiceMaster by Wright, we are a full-service damage restoration and cleaning company in Bonita Springs, Florida. For over four decades, we have been providing the highest quality restoration, repair, and cleanup services after fire, water, storm, or mold damage. We understand our clients’ needs and deliver a remarkable customer service experience to them.

Briefly Put!

Water damage can ruin your property and your health. So, you should consider it seriously. As soon as you notice it in your home, you should immediately go for water damage repair in Bonita Springs. It will mitigate your loss, and you will be in a good position.

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