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What Makes Multi-channel Customer Service and Support Important for Your Business?


Multi-channel Customer Service is the Way to Go for Maximum Customer Satisfaction

With the dawn of the BPO sector, customer service has been in prime shape. However, the growing customer expectations and technology demand a service boost – Multi-channel customer support. It can be of great importance for your brand – check out why!

Customer service is a necessity in the e-commerce sector. It has the power to take your customer retention and brand loyalty to the next level.


In this digital era, customers need everything quickly – quick search, quick delivery, and quick resolution to problems. This is an indication to how important customer service is for the e-commerce sector. Backing this fact is a report from Zendesk, which says that 84% of consumers consider customer service an important parameter to their buying decision.

With such a high parameter to attaining a high satisfaction rate, customer service outsourcing for e-commerce industry is the key. In fact, the BPO industry has managed to streamline the inbound and outbound customer service for almost every business sector, including e-commerce, healthcare, banking and finance, EdTech, etc.

Not only that, maintaining the desired customer satisfaction rate in the e-commerce sector can help you with a lot of other benefits as well, like enhancing your engagement, generating positive reviews, prompting word-of-mouth publicity, etc.

So, all that being said let’s get ahead and know a little more about modern-day customer service for the e-commerce industry.

What’s Multi-channel Customer Service?

Back in the days when BPO was new, businesses had to rely on a single-channel approach for all of their communication with the customers. This channel was majorly over phone calls. However, things changed with the huge wave of technology hitting the BPO sector.

At the moment, customer service outsourcing for e-commerce industry is undergoing constant change in regards to the technology influx. Apart from just the on-call support and service, businesses have also managed to streamline various other communication channels.

Some of the most popular e-commerce communication channels are:

  • On-call support
  • Text messages
  • Live chats
  • Email support
  • Social media

The primary idea behind implementing multi-channel communication is to meet the customers at their convenience. On-call support brings long wait times, and customers find it extremely convenient to just pick up their phone, drop a text and start chatting.


That’s where live chats came into the picture – simple, convenient, expansive, and extremely satisfactory. Similarly, the growth of social media and its user base has also prompted brands to establish a presence on those platforms.

Why Multi-channel Customer Support Matters So Much?

Multi-channel e-commerce customer support has become a very important part of the overall customer satisfaction process. It offers the kind of convenience to your customers to reach you or interact about the issues they are facing easily and at their preferred time and platform.

Customers always expect the customer service from brands to be very prompt, seamless, and qualitative. And they want this expectation to be fulfilled regardless of the communication they use. However, things don’t end there; there is one more aspect that you need to think of; your agents – the forefront in your line of defense.

But before jumping on to implement a multi-channel communication network, you should be able to answer the key questions.

  • Which channels do you want to cover?
  • Which communication channels are the most relevant to your business type?
  • Is there any specific channel that works the best with customer service in your domain?
  • Have you monitored your interactions with customers on your existing channel?

You should have the answers to all of these questions, discuss the same with your C-level workforce, and have essential market research handy. Also, you should address any hurdle or roadblock that may come along the way, all of which are essential aspects to offering exceptional multi-channel customer service.

Why Offering Multi-channel Customer Service is Essential for Your Business?

  • Better Service Efficiency

Thanks to multiple channel access, multi-channel customer service outsourcing for e-commerce industry, you can service more customers at once. This assists in your scalability spree as you can expand and reach a bigger target audience base.

This entire aspect increases the volume of inquires you generate. Therefore, establishing more contacts for your business will automatically streamline the operations and increase the ROI. However, things might get a little tricky once your business reaches a certain high volume.

This is where you start to realize that outsourcing e-commerce customer support can help you up-scale without worrying about the management. With the best BPO company, you can ensure that the implementation of your multi-channel customer support will be seamless without compromising on the satisfaction level over all the platforms.

  • Access Convenience

Today, the millennial generation is much dependent on the internet, even for query resolution. However, this is not the same with the baby boomer generation, which prefers sticking to the traditional on-call service.

This massive change implies one thing – people want convenience, irrespective of the platform they are looking into. They want a resolution to their query whenever they want, wherever they want. So, to allow the users the convenience of access, it is imperative for brands to offer a multi-channel customer service.

In fact, one customer may also use multiple channels for the same query, depending on whether they are satisfied with the support or not. For example, a customer might contact support over social media for the intimation of the issue, then follow it up with live chat to elaborate the concern. If the issue could not be resolved over the chat platform, it may be escalated to on-call support for a deeper understanding of the problem.

So, in any case, implementing multi-channel support and service will help your business boost customer satisfaction.

  • Consistent Support Delivery

If you want to focus on offering consistent support to your present and prospective customers, multi-channel support is the way to go. However, once you have set up your multi-channel platform, especially with customer service outsourcing for e-commerce industry, you also have to ensure that you deliver a collective effort and not an isolated one.

Consistent delivery of support unites all the channels under one head, stores customer data, and retrieves it as and when required. One good example of consistent support delivery is when a customer emails about a specific query, the support agent replies that an on-call agent will revert back within 24 hours.

When the support agent calls, all the details of the previous interaction, the details is available at the fingertip. This brings a seamless transition between the channels and ensures that the customer is satisfied, even though there was a 24-hour gap between the email and the phone call.

On the other hand, when the agent follows up the email with a call and does not have any details of the previous communication, the customer is frustrated and would go through tremendous efforts to repeat the problem all over again.

  • Achievement of Paramount Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal for brands. The entire industry of customer support outsourcing for the e-commerce industry thrives on bulging this in terms of numbers. To put things in perspective, live chat has a total customer satisfaction rate of 79%, while email and on-call support have 61% and 44% satisfaction rates, respectively.

While you may think that none of the channels mentioned here offer complete customer satisfaction, the story is very different. Offering a multi-channel customer service offer ensures that businesses get the benefit from every communication channel and target every generation of customers.

  • Future-proof

With the way technology has been shifting gears, the BPO sector needs to be very dynamic. A multi-channel call center is an example of how fool-proof the sector is making itself. Being present in multiple channels gives the companies a plan of action to be ready for whatever technology that could be part of the customer service segment.

Summing Up

Multi-channel customer support can be the difference between success and failure in the e-commerce industry. Gone are the days when a single-channel (call support) was enough to maintain a great customer satisfaction rate.

With the growing demands of the customers, businesses have to be in line with what they are offering. And also on what channels. Luckily, the BPO sector has the support coming from technology as well, which has enabled giant strides in customer satisfaction.

Some of the most effective technological developments, which have allowed BPO companies to streamline their e-commerce customer support efficiency are

  • Analytics
  • KPI monitoring
  • Centralized CRMs
  • Training modules

All of these together have helped BPO companies improve and expand their customer service outsourcing for e-commerce industry to the very next level, to be in line with the dynamism of customer expectation.

Get success guaranteed by…

hiring a BPO company to manage your customer service operations over multiple channels. However, the company should be able to offer you utmost transparency with its service portfolio in regards to performance.

Also, be sure that you consider the past experience and clientele review to have in-depth research about the same. Finally, a great multi-channel e-commerce customer support can help you bring out your A-game.
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