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What Next After ITIL® Foundation Certification Course?

After getting a certificate in IT Service Management, like ITIL Foundation, one finds it confusing as to what should be the next step. There are various fields in which an individual can practically apply the knowledge of ITIL and get an excellent job.

Different people have different opinions, and this can lead to confusion for the individual. To make it simple, one should take up a course which will serve as a founding step for one’s career. If an individual takes up the ITIL expert course after completing the foundation course, then there are chances that he/she would face problems in the future. Therefore, it is advised to look at the courses before selecting the best on for the future. Here are some of the most logical steps that one can take after completing the ITIL foundation course. Each of the following course is designed specifically for a specific type of position in the industry.

Building on ITIL Foundation

It is necessary to know the networks through which ITIL is connected with different business. By building one’s ITIL Foundation, the practitioners can get to advance in their career.

Building the ITIL foundation helps an individual in knowing the basic needs and demands of the business and coordinate with the demands, respectively. ITIL foundation even helps the practitioners in creating an interest in the service lifecycle, which further helps them to understand how the workflow is managed. This particular step helps an individual in thinking critically and understanding the workflow in a business. One can build their ITIL foundation by taking up the PRINCE2 course. This particular course provides the individual with a certificate which declares that the person has dire knowledge about ITIL foundation and would be useful for the company.

ITIL Practitioner

Another step which an individual can take after completing ITIL is by becoming an ITIL practitioner. There is an ITIL practitioner certification course which prepares an individual to apply their foundation knowledge and use it to improve IT services and management.

One needs to appear the exam for getting a certificate as an ITIL practitioner. This particular certificate can help the individual in getting an excellent job in the IT industry. It teaches a person the different aspects of IT services and allows them to practice in this field and improve the areas.

The Capabilities Stream

The capability stream has four certifications which include Service offerings and agreements (SOA), planning, protection and optimization (PPO), release control and validation (RCV) and operational support and Analysis (OSA). This particular stream focuses on improving the existing process and implementing various techniques on the process to enhance it.

This particular stream is designed for people who work in the processes and are responsible for doing the daily process activities. In short, it includes people like Business process owners, business managers and even operational staff in the service portfolio management. Moreover, the capability stream helps in making an individual capable of doing more than one processes, which include not only managing but also other daily activities.

The Lifecycle Stream

This particular stream is designed to execute and implement the knowledge on a complete stage of the Service lifecycle. It focuses on the phase, process and other important roles and responsibilities in the industry. It is made for people who have an interest in ITSM implementation.

This particular stream targets people like team leaders, IT Security managers, planners, IT consultants and similar people. If an individual wants to become an ITIL expert, then he/she should take up the lifecycle stream course as it would help them in the long run. There are various courses which one can find in the lifecycle stream which covers principles, challenges, roles and other responsibilities which will improve the knowledge of the individual and help him/her in attaining a higher position in the job.

Apart from the above courses, one can even take up the ITIL expert course. However, before taking this course, one needs to have strong basics about ITIL so that they can pass the examination with flying colours. However, there are other courses too, which are available in this particular area, but it is essential to know that which course will benefit the person after the ITIL course is done.

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