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What To Do And What To Avoid In Academic Essay Writing?

Essay writing is a compulsory assignment for all students regardless of any field for the level of education. However, not every student is capable of meeting the standards of professional essay writing. Working on academic essay is stressful for students. Knowing the basic do’s and don’ts of essay writing can help students to complete their essay significantly. It makes the entire process of essay writing easier for the students.

There is no doubt that every student has their own method for writing an essay. Some of the students create an outline before writing an essay. Others try to arrange as they go through each component. Essay Writing Service is the best opportunity for the students to understand their subject in the best possible way. It doesn’t matter what method you are using for writing, there are certain basic do and don’ts of professional essay writing that every writer should be aware of.

Before moving further towards the do’s and don’ts of essay writing, first, we should understand why writing is so important for the students.

Why Essay Writing Is Mandatory For Students?

Its basic purpose is to increase the understanding of the students. It helps them to clarify the ideas and concepts through analysing the entire thing throughout writing.

There are many benefits associated with writing. The development of a certain basic set of skills is one of the reasons why essay writing is assigned to the students for every subject. It further helps your supervisor to understand the level of your understanding of the subject or the selected topic.

Let’s see some of the do’s and don’ts that are must for writing a professional essay;

Do’s Of Academic Essay Writing

Ensure 100% Readability

It is necessary to use easy words and vocabulary so that readers can easily understand your writing. Many students try to use difficult vocabulary and jargons in their writing which always results in lower readability. You have to consider your target audience for going to read your essay. In academic writing, your audience is your instructor. So, make sure that your instructor can easily understand your writing and the concepts at the same time.

Other than that, try to use short sentences and short paragraphs. Long sentences and long paragraphs are going to affect the overall readability of the document. Your essay writing should be crafted in such a way that every literate person can understand your writing significantly.

Never Forget To Provide Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is a basic priority of professional essay writing. A thesis statement is provided at the beginning of the essay writing, that is the introduction. Throughout the thesis statement, you have to provide the claims for the selected topic. A thesis is a one-line statement in your introduction of essay.

Thesis statement describes the objectives of your writing. It further helps the readers to understand the purpose of why and for what you are writing. It is considered the main idea of essay writing and one should not skip a thesis statement at any cost.

Make The Maximum Use Of Transition Sentences

Try to make maximum use of transition sentences between the paragraphs. Transition sentences are the pillars to keep your entire essay inflow. Translation sentences help you out to relate the logical ideas throughout paragraphs. Try to use words like, “this”, “however”, “but”, and many others.

This will help you to create a logical relation between the sentences. This is one of the best ways to stay relevant throughout the writing. Most of the times, students lose track of relevancy when writing a huge amount of words.

Cite The Sources

It is necessary for the students to use relevant information from other sources in their essay writing. This helps them to support the facts that they have provided in the writing. However, there are basic techniques for providing relevant information through other sources. If you are using the information of some other author, make sure that you cite the source immediately right after that provided information.

Citing the sources would allow you to avoid plagiarism and to give credit to the original author of the information. Many students make a mistake and claim the information as to their own. This always results in a high amount of plagiarism results.

Don’ts Of Academic Essay Writing


Don’t Lose The Track

When writing a huge amount of words, there are chances that you might lose track of writing. Many students get overwhelmed and start providing too many facts in the essay. Make sure that you narrow down the key points and the claims in order to stay relevant to the selected topic.

Never Underestimate The Structure

Many students give all their efforts in collecting the relevant information. Throughout collecting the information, they forget or deliberately neglect the structure. Every structure of the academic assignment is constructed in such a way that helps the writing to achieve its purpose.

Without having a good understanding of the structure it is impossible to meet the purpose of writing. Therefore, I would strongly recommend students never underestimate the structure of essay. Make sure that you have a complete understanding of the structure before you start writing anything about the selected topic.

Avoid Grammatical And Spelling Mistakes

Grammatical and spelling mistakes may seem to you an obvious and easy thing. However, these basic mistakes change the quality of your essay writing in dramatic ways. It doesn’t matter how good you have collected the information, if you failed to submit an error-free document, then you have to face the consequences in the form of lower quality and lower grades.

Don’t Let Distractions Overcome Your Process

Make sure that you avoid all types of distractions while working on essay writing. It takes time to connect with the topic. Once you are connected with the topic try to avoid distractions in the form of social media notifications, mobile phones, and all other gadgets that can distract you. Try to find out such an environment where you can work effectively for the desired results.

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