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What to do with a Bad Beard Trim

Growing a beard takes time, effort and sometimes, a little home maintenance. Whether you use straight razors or an electric shaver, it’s likely that you’ve gotten into the habit of trimming your own beard to maintain its style and an overall look you can appreciate. But sometimes, you can make mistakes… the kinds of mistakes that are difficult to bounce back from. A single sudden movement can leave weeks or months of work looking less than attractive.

So what do you do with a bad trim? Your first instinct may be to shave it all off and start all over again. It doesn’t have to be that way. Some mistakes can be hidden with a little shaping help from a premium beard balm for a little damage control. It is also good to moisturize with an all-natural beard oil that contains pure argan oil for beard growth.

What could go wrong?

If you’ve had a beard for years, trimming eventually becomes second nature. Sometimes, you may not pay as much attention to the process as you should. Mistakes that could follow include trimming one side of your beard shorter than the other, or cutting a nick into the edge of your beard. When you finally stop and take a look, you’ve got an uneven beard.

Sometimes the Problem Solves Itself

The truth is, we are often our worst critics. A beard trimming mistake may not even be noticeable to those around you. So it’s important to put the shaver down, take a step back, and assess whether or not the problem is really that bad.

It’s helpful to walk away from the mirror and come back a few minutes later to take a look at the situation with ‘fresh eyes’. Often, the initial panic can make things seem much worse than they really are.

If you notice that the problem isn’t really as bad as you’d first assumed, it’s a good idea to leave it as is and let your beard grow out as normal. Moisturize and condition your beard with an all-natural beard oil that contains pure argan oil for beard health, and you’re likely good to go. While you wait for your beard to be restored to its original glory, you can try to use a premium nature beard balm to help you tame it to a more desirable shape.

Damage Control

But what happens when the mistake really is that bad? Or what if you’ve waited for the mistake to correct itself and it’s still as clear as day? Well, it’s still not time to shave your entire beard off. Think of this as an opportunity to play around with beard styles you haven’t tried before. Try to keep as much of it as possible, but don’t be afraid to try a look that you haven’t before. It might turn out to be your best style yet. Remember, shaving the entire beard off should only be considered a last resort.

A beard trimming mistake doesn’t have to be the end of your mane. With a little time and patience, you could be reunited with the beard you once knew and loved.
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