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What To Expect When Selling Your House To An Investor?

As per the latest information available from the real estate survey reports, over 900,000 homes were sold in the USA as of 2021. Are you the kind of homeowner who wishes to sell their house but does not want the help of an agent? It doesn’t matter if you want a quick sale or a mortgage is unaffordable. You have a lot of other options other than the traditional home sale. Most homeowners choose to sell their houses to an investor instead.  

If you want to know how to sell your house fast for cash, here is all the information you need about selling your home to an investor –

Selling your home to an investor or working with a top real estate agent to list the house in the open market is your choice. There are advantages and disadvantages to every route, and the correct decision depends on what you want. The good news is that you have a ton of options. Let us dig into the details.

What does selling your home to an investor mean?

Real estate investors buy houses for cash. They purchase properties that require a quick sale or a property that is having trouble selling. Investors buy any houses in any condition because these homes mean a business opportunity for them. They either flip those houses and resell them to new buyers or rent them out to other tenants. If any home requires repairs that you cannot afford, you can get the cash for your house instead of worrying about those expensive renovations. Real estate investors, this way, can solve a lot of problems for struggling homeowners.

What are the different types of home investors?

Home investment is a broad term consisting of several business models that include flipping, iBuying, buying and holding long-term rentals, etc. Based on their goals, they offer your property which impacts whether they are interested in your house or how much they are able or willing to pay, and what experience they provide to other home sellers. Let us now look at different types of investors –

House flipping 

House flippers buy the house for a relatively lower price and sell them for higher rates. They purchase the properties in poor condition at a discounted price and make the repairs needed and upgrade the house. They then sell it to the buyers, who in return pay a higher price. The house is sold within the 12-month time frame.


iBuying has been the latest innovation in the home investing realm. iBuying enables the home sellers to sell their home in a simplified home-selling experience against a convenience or service fee. Instead of purchasing a house or two each year, iBuyer turns to a higher volume, which is in good condition on a low per-flip profit.

Buy and hold investors. 

These investors buy the property, hold them for more extended periods, and do not live there. Such investors count on the rental income and property appreciation to make money on their purchases over time. These investors can be real estate beginners who want to try the hat of being the landlord. Their main target is to purchase single-family homes or condos in a growing neighborhood in turn-key conditions for great rental potential. Based on the state of your property, buy and hold investors close the offer of your property slightly under the market value. Since they are long-game players, they do not pressure flipping the property for immediate profit.

Advantages of selling your house to an investor 


As-is Purchase – The primary purpose of the investor for purchasing your property is not to live in that house. They do not care if the kitchen has been updated with a trendy backsplash or new toilets. Their main motive is to look for outdated and old homes so they can fix and flip them.

Little risk will not close for the lack of funds – Many investors buy a house in Corpus Christi, TX, for cash. So you need not have the uncertainty that comes with the buyer applying for a mortgage. Even when the buyer has a pre-approved loan, the lender gets to decide if the buyer’s creditworthiness has changed and refuses to issue the money required for buying your house.

Before you sign the agreement of purchase, you must ask the buyer for proof of funds. This detail comes in the form of bank statements or money market account statements. They display the cash or liquid asset details in the amount that typically exceeds the house’s purchase price.

Faster Closing – Most of the investors purchase the houses with cash. You are all set to sell your property as soon as you and the other party agree on all the conditions of the sale. The average time required for the seller to close the deal with an all-cash investor is approximately two weeks. If you sell your house to a buyer who needs a loan, it will take a minimum of 60 days.

Increased potential for flexible purchase agreements – If your house is underwater and you wish to get out of the real estate game but do not want to move, selling the property to an investor is a great way to go. Some investors agree to take over your mortgage, and some will rent out the house back to you. It is known as a sale-leaseback transaction.

Disadvantages of selling your house to an investor 


Your home does not get sold at the actual market value – Most investors looking to buy a house in Corpus Christi, TX, are looking for homes below the market value. Also, they will not tell you about their plan with the house after they purchase it. 

You don’t always know who is buying the property – Investors are not legally required to reveal who they are or why they are purchasing it. So, it can be a landlord known for shady rental practices or a developer who will tear down the house and turn it into apartments.

If the investor owns a piece of land directly adjacent to your home. Then, the investor can build a large apartment or use your land for a commercial project. The investor theoretically will be willing to pay more for your house. Instead of a family looking for a place to live. To negotiate efficiently in this case, you need the assistance of the best realtors in Corpus Christi.
If the cash buyer is a foreign investor, the deal will take longer than usual for the deal to close. If it is a domestic buyer, it does not take too long. However, investors who are not US citizens. They have to suffer the negative tax consequences in their home countries. That is why; it can delay the sale for a long time while the investor is figuring out the logistics of the closing.

The bottom line 

Are you still wondering how to sell my house fast Corpus Christi? Get in touch with The Grahambelle Group. They are experienced real estate agents in Corpus Christi who buy houses for cash. As a result, the closing process is quicker, and the costs affiliated with the home sale are handled efficiently. They aim to work as quickly as possible and get the best deals for your property.

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