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All types of training in the framework of the charity fitness marathon “Together”

Well-known sports studios in Moscow will hold charity online training sessions. Every day you can attend group classes from one of the following studios: PMP , Section , Pilates & Yoga , Elastic , Rock the Cycle , Breathe , VELOBEAT , Soul Rebel , SMSTRETCHING , Zaryad. Each of them specializes in different areas, has an authorial approach, and now it is entering a new level in the online format. During the week of the “Together” marathon, it will be possible to try several activities at once, get a complex and varied load on the muscles, and pump over skills in managing attention, coordination. But the main thing is to develop your strength and direct the general energy to good deeds, because all the proceeds will go to the Give Life fund, the founders of which are Chulpan Khamatova and Dina Korzun. Details and training schedule are available on the Give Life Foundation website.

Personalized Remedy Lab Care

Remedy Lab Clinic offers an individual treatment scheme for the patient’s skin using the Universkin range of products. This is personalized care, namely, the creation of a unique formula of a cosmetic product with the help of a cosmetologist, which is immediately issued after a visit to the clinic or delivered by courier to the patient’s address. This approach expands the possibilities of the doctor, since the choice of the right ingredients, their concentration and the effectiveness of the treatment started depends on his knowledge and experience. First, the patient fills out a questionnaire, on the basis of which the doctor determines the current condition of the skin and its need for certain ingredients. Under quarantine, the SkinXs digital platform for artificial intelligence can help a doctor with the choice of certain active ingredients.

Universkin P serum is taken as a basis; up to 3 active ingredients are added to it with a centrifuge in the required concentration, which are contained in a dry form (in the form of a powder). The basic whey ingredients are versatile and compatible even with unstable ingredients such as vitamin C, and in addition, provide deep penetration of additional ingredients. Due to the fact that the product does not contain preservatives, it should be stored in the refrigerator and shaken before application. The shelf life of the serum is 8 weeks, after which the patient again consults a doctor and receives a new formula, taking into account the changed skin condition, weather conditions and other factors.

Musical apartment house “Stykovka”

On April 22 at 19.00, the Stykovka music community will broadcast live, where residents will perform well-known hits in different languages, and will also sing their own songs. For an hour, artists will raise morale, charge for positive and create a cozy and friendly atmosphere at a difficult time for everyone.

The musical community “Stykovka” is a new interpretation of “Kvartirnikov”, who have kept all the best from the classical format – songs, music and friends, but expanding them to open concerts. Here any aspiring musician can try his hand, where a loyal audience will not only support, but will also help in further development in his honest reviews. For each offline presentation, residents are preparing a new thematic program with songs, games and entertainment shows, where guests can directly participate. Among these are: Soundbar – music is created using a midi controller and touching various bar stocks, the familiar beer-point, traditional English shuffleboard and more. You can get acquainted with the guys and arrange a real apartment block at home, already this coming Wednesday.
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