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What you could learn from 3 of the most influential business leaders today

Successful technology business leaders influence the society in one way or another. Their business move can be critical to different aspects and sectors of the society, may it be in the political, academic, environmental, or social sector. As it is, leaders of influential and giant companies should always be guided by strong morality and responsibility because one single mistake can cause a domino effect, putting the career and lives of employees at risk.

Since time immemorial, many successful businessmen have made an impact in different countries and societies. Some were able to develop their businesses and created business empires of their own through the help of effective leadership programs. Meanwhile, others were only able to exploit the tip of the iceberg and failed miserably to cope with the ever-growing and changing demands of their respective industries. Successful leaders share almost the same qualities and traits. They follow a certain path, which allowed them to achieve the success of the epic scale. Some of these qualities include creativity, aggressiveness, and fearlessness.

Businessmen who want to set up an LLC company in Dubai can learn a thing or two from highly successful business moguls. Many of today’s influential and successful business leaders are executives who did not stop from realizing their dreams, and this is very evident in the way their companies are performing. You can also earn a lot of from money work from home jobs is the best idea for you. The following are some of the most influential business executives and leaders of today:

Jeff Bezos (Amazon) – Amazon is known worldwide as one of the more reliable Internet commerce websites. This company started as a humble e-commerce website, but through the years, it expanded, reaching millions of consumers around the globe. The people behind Amazon are the ones to thank for making the website beneficial to this generation’s consumers. Jeff Bezos is largely credited for being the brains behind the innovativeness of Amazon for he created the concept of ‘predictive analytics,’ which allows the website to recommend products that consumers may find interesting. With this concept, Amazon is able to provide the best online shopping experience to consumers.

Larry Page (Google) – Google was once a small venture started in a garage. From that humble beginning, Google did not look back and became unstoppable in expanding and improving. Basically, the influence of Google is so apparent that almost every Internet user cannot live without its websites, programs, algorithm, services, and products. Today, Google is synonymous with search engines, navigational apps, smartphone technology, among many more. Larry Page, Google’s Co-Founder and current Chief Executive Officer is the 20th richest man in the world – a testament to his success as a business leader, innovator, and visionary. His hard work together with his co-executives and all of the ‘Googlers’ helped the company achieve its current status.

Tim Cook (Apple Inc.) – Apple is known for producing top-of-the-line electronic devices like iPod, iPhone, iPad, and Mac computers. The company’s product became apparent icons of popular culture and has reshaped many aspects of the society including communication, music, and entertainment. Simply put, the company has opened a new industry for itself. When the company’s Founder and CEO Steve Jobs resigned from his post at Apple, many people have thought that it is the beginning of an end for the company. This feeling became more relevant when Jobs passed away. However, Tim Cook, Apple’s current CEO, has proved critics wrong as he was able to maintain the company’s fame and stability. Under Cook’s guidance and leadership, Apple is able to further seal and cement its legacy and relevancy in society.

Firms and organizations that wish to be as successful as the companies listed above, then their executives and leaders should follow the steps of the mentioned leaders. In order for an LLC company in Dubai to succeed, it should be managed and controlled by people with outstanding leadership skills.

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