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When Is It Time to Consider Assisted Living?

Choosing to put your loved one into any type of facility – including assisted living – is a tough decision to make, but it’s often for the best. The question is how to know when it’s the right time. The following are just a few signs to keep an eye out for.

ADLs Are An Issue

ADLs are activities of daily living. They typically include bathing, getting dressed, and getting around. When these become difficult to manage on their own, it’s time for some help.

They Forget Their Medication

Some people consider medication an ADL while others consider it a completely separate category. In either case, your loved one’s medication is essential for their health. If they forget to take it, assisted living in Orlando-based can help them stay on track.

They Are Too Isolated

Aging can cause difficulty for loved ones to get out and be around others, yet they need those opportunities to continue their quality of life. If they can’t get out on their own to enjoy activities and your schedule is too full to help in this area, assisted living is a good idea. These facilities provide access to other people and activities, such as game night, fitness, shopping, and more.

They Have Trouble Cleaning

Living in a clean environment is another essential component of health, yet many seniors have difficulty keeping regular household tasks in check. Assisted living facilities can help take care of these responsibilities.

When it becomes too difficult for them to manage daily life on their own, assisted living can be a great solution. It allows your loved ones to maintain as much independence as possible while ensuring they are cared for fully and properly.

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