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UK Latest Eyeglasses Style – 10 Cool Glasses to Change your Look

Top 5 eyeglasses styles for the year 2021

Were you ever made fun of because of your Eyeglasses? 

The geeky gaudy glasses that make your eyes look bizarre. You are terrified to look back to your school album. That’s just childhood. You don’t have to wary of wearing glasses. Glasses are an essential visual aid, and with the right style of glasses, you can change your look. You don’t have to stay a wallflower forever. You can be a social butterfly or even a heartthrob.

Your Usual Round Eyeglasses

Round glasses are just what you used to wear in school. The geeky looking Harry Potter glasses are not un-trendy or unfashionable. With the right match of outfits, you can look fashionable, fun and even high class. Try out this style of glasses online from Specscart. You are bound to be amazed how these glasses match your professional get up and your casual get-go.

Round Black Eyeglasses


Black is the colour for classiness. And these glasses in glossy black frames make you look like an elite. Your power suits, tie clips and these glasses lit up your appearance. You appear confident, intelligent and reliable. Order these glasses online in blue light lenses or transition lenses to bring out the maximum use of your fashionable glasses.

Round Silver Black Metal Eyeglasses 

Round Silver Black Metal Glasses

These glasses in metal bring out your refined persona. You appear intelligent and easygoing. Your appearance is softened, you seem more approachable and reliable. These glasses are good to go with your office wear and even with party outfits. If you are out on a date or trying to impress someone, you need to put efforts into your look. These glasses will give you the attractive and friendly look you want. You will have to first get their attention. Only then you get to know them and your relationship will smoothly sail.

Round Navy Blue Silver Metal Eyeglasses 

Thin rimmed round glasses are in trend. Why? Because these glasses can go with any style of outfit. This minimalist style of glasses speaks louder and bring out your best qualities. You appear no longer lifeless but attractive and mesmerising. 

Round Blue Marble & Silver Glasses

Round Blue Marble & Silver Glasses

These silver round glasses are for looking refined, sophisticated, but also fun-loving. The round marble browlines add flair to your look, bringing attention to your eyes. You appear attractive. Order these glasses online and try them out. You can only know the difference after actually trying them.

The Classy Rectangular frames

Rectangular glasses frames have in fashion for ages. Why? Because these are the usual choice for the reserved kind. When you do not know what style to choose, you go for rectangular frames as they can never go wrong. But you don’t have to choose the same old boring black rectangular glasses. Leave those glasses for the masses. Try out something different with the usual style.

Rectangular Designer Transparent Glasses

Rectangular Designer Transparent Glasses

Transparent glasses are the new black. Instead of wearing the usual black rectangular frames, wear transparent glasses. With minimal presence, these glasses bring out the maximum beauty to your appearance. 

Don’t believe it. Just wear dark coloured clothes and click a pic in a dark background wearing these glasses. You will know the difference.  

Translucent Brown Havana & Tortoise Large Square Glasses

Translucent Brown Havana & Tortoise Large Square Glasses

Not the classic rectangular but large square glasses, these glasses give you the usual smarty pant look but make you fashionable too. And these transparent glasses in brown Havana shades blend with your skin tone and highlights your eyes. You appear attractive. With an urban outfit like ripped shorts, funky top, these glasses stand out, giving you the modern city girl look.

The Bold Aviators with modern appeal

The bold looking double bridge glasses are classic for military men, adventurous and outgoing men. In short, these testosterone screaming glasses are meant for men. But not anymore with these modern appeal aviators. 

Aviator Honey Brown Glasses

Aviator Honey Brown Glasses

These glasses, in a bit of wayfarer style mixed with aviators, are unisexual. You can wear these glasses with your backpacking outfits, athleisure wear or your usual get-go clothes without looking outlandish or quaint.

Aviator Black Gunmetal Geometric Glasses

Aviator Black Gunmetal Geometric Glasses

Try out these geometric aviators for a fun and quirky look. You can look bold and outgoing without looking too stern. These glasses with modern appeal add a unique flair to your appearance. You can match up these glasses with khakis, chinos or with denim. Order these glasses online for a free trial at home. Just try them out at home before buying. 

For the Artsy Hipsters

Are you an art-loving, creative person? Even if you are not, you can try out artsy outfits to look fabulous. And to perfect your hipster look, you can wear trendy hipster glasses. Tortoiseshell glasses are enough to bring out your creative cells and make you appear trendy hipster with funky outfits. If you cannot pull off the hipster look, no worries, you can just change your get-up to something simple and still look fabulous. Tortoiseshell glasses can go with any style of outfits. Just wear them with confidence.

Hipster Camouflage Khaki Glasses

Hipster Camouflage Khaki Glasses

For a hipster look, wear these camouflage glasses. These tortoiseshell glasses with a modern touch are trendy and make you appear upbeat and outgoing. You are approachable. You are the heart of the party charming your onlookers with your stylish look and your friendly personality. 

If you are trying out a free home trial pack from Specscart, add this to your cart as well. Maybe hipster vibe is not for you, but you can always change your look and your outlook.

The Monroe vibe Cat-eye frames

Vintage glasses frames that Marilyn Monroe immortalised are still in trend after decades. If you are wondering why they are still trendy, then stop wondering and try them out. These trendy glasses for women magically transform you into a younger chic lady. Check them out now. With Specscart fast delivery, you can get them the very next day. Try them out and see the magic yourself.

Cat Eye Burgundy Red and Gold Metal Glasses

Cat Eye Burgundy Red and Gold Metal Glasses

Add these cat-eye frames to your free home trial cart. Cat-eye style makes you look younger, the gold metal frame gives off a sophisticated vibe with the elegance of burgundy red that make your eyes even more attractive. 

Not just these ten stylish designer glasses frames, try out other glasses from Specscart’s collection. These glasses are in style in the UK, along with the low-cost price that can make your head nod in approval. Don’t think much. Just try them out.

Glasses for different face shapes

Now that you know what your face shape is, it’s time to have a look at different frame shapes that will bring out your best features. Read further to know which frames to go for when you order glasses online.

Round face shapes

The curves and roundness of your face are best paired with the following:

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