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Which Google speaker should you buy?

In the times of smart devices, smart speakers also play a vital role. Though there is a variety of smart speakers in the market, the smart speakers powered by Google are efficient and up to the desired mark. Like the Amazon Echo range, Google Home devices – some of which are considered as Nest branded are also available in a range of sizes. They have a Google Assistant button that is built-in and helps carry out many functions. Here, we will discuss the comparison between Google Home, Nest Mini, Home Max, Nest Hub, and Nest Hub Max.

Google Home

The Google Home speaker comes between the range of Google Max and Home Mini, also known as Nest Mini these days. It can be used to control all types of smart home products and has an excellent audio capability, which can be a great replacement to the radio. It is a regular-sized smart speaker from Google. It has a blended size and style. It is costly as compared to Google Nest Mini but delivers much more efficient performance. You can also change the color of the base.

Google Home Max

The Google Home Max is a powerful smart speaker that works best when paired with Google Assistant for the best home entertainment. It is maxed by name as well as by features. It’s large in size, and the quality of sound is enough to fill a room. The only thing which makes a user think about buying this speaker is its high price due to which it comes under the premium smart home speaker. It has Class-D amplifiers, which makes the sound quality of the speaker impressive and perfect for music lovers. As far as the wireless speakers go, it has a large size.

The Google Nest Mini

The Google Nest Mini is small and cheap so that most of the users can easily afford to bring that in their home. It comes in various sizes with a much more featured Google Assistant. It is the second generation of the Google Home Mini, but it is the smallest of Google’s smart home speaker range. It is similar to Amazon Echo Dot in design and style and also available in four different colors. It is recommended because it is compatible with numerous smart home devices.

The Google Nest Hub

The Google Nest Hub is a very compatible smart speaker for smart homes. It offers better control, audio, and other performances. All of these features come with Google Assistant. Apart from its 7-inch touchscreen, the Google Nest hub has a striking resemblance to other Nest devices. It’s a great option to watch YouTube videos quickly. YouTube feature is integrated into this speaker, and its design also adds to the best in class smart home speaker. Though there is no camera present in this speaker, it is still the best among all other versions and will keep on updating in the upcoming years.

The Google Nest Hub Max

The Google Nest Hub Max is comparatively larger than the other Nest versions of these smart speakers powered by Google. It has a larger display and a camera. With the larger screen, it also possesses a smart display. It also comes with Google Assistant as well as a bigger sound in comparison with Google Nest Hub. It also comes with a camera that can be used for both video calling via Google Duo and full Nest Cam functions as well. It can also act as a security device.

The Google Nest Hub Max boosts the experience of the smaller display device, and it can be expanded up to 10-inches. It also offers stereo speakers along with a woofer for the best sound quality.

Nowadays, most people desire to live in a smart home with smart devices installed in that home. Even though some people have started to convert their home into a smart home by replacing the old devices with smart devices. Whenever the word “smart home” comes into mind, it directly makes us think about the smart speakers so that a person can get their work done.

Many of us want to bring these kinds of smart speakers to our bedrooms. It’s not only for wall mounting but also can be placed as per the requirement. If we talk about the quality of these power smart speakers powered by Google, then one should try to experience such an awesome entertaining speaker for their smart home. It is increasing and expanding its features with the running time and is expected to be more powerful in the coming years.

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