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Which is the Best IVF Center in Jaipur for Micro-TESE

A lot of newlyweds are facing a lot of issues in conceiving, not only the middle-aged couples but all the couples, in general, are facing the issue of infertility causing a lot of dispute and stress in the relationship. It’s a common issue immerging in our country where because of various factors people are unable to conceive easily.
Infertility can be caused by either of the partners and is a general myth among people that it is only caused because of the inability of a woman to conceive. It is found out that almost around 40-50% of infertility is caused because of the malefactor. A lot of factors such as drinking a lot, smoking marijuana, poor lifestyle, genital or transmitted infection, and regular contact with radiations or lead may cause infertility in a man. Male infertility is curable nowadays. There are a lot of procedures and surgeries which can cure male infertility; one such procedure is to go for Micro-TESE which is suggested by Dr. Namita Kotia head and director of Aastha Fertility center which is the best IVF center in Jaipur.

Which is the Best IVF Center in Jaipur for Micro-TESE

When is Micro-TESE has done?

This process is carried out when there is abnormal sperm production in a male(non-obstructive azoospermia). It is a surgical process in which sperm is extracted and is used in the treatment of infertility for a man who cannot ejaculate. This can be due to blockage in vas deferens ( the tube which carries sperm from the testis). Another reason might be that the sperm is present but in very low quantity and is not seen in ejaculation.

When is Micro-TESE has done?

How is Micro- TESE has done?

It’s a small surgery done under the influence of anesthesia. In this procedure, a small incision of 2-3 inches is made on the midline of the scrotum. The testicles would be open through this incision and will be observed under a high-quality microscope for seminiferous tubules which may contain sperm. After that, the tissue is extracted from testicle tubules. The bleeding is then stopped by very fine stitches and the same procedure is performed on the other testicle.
The tissues are then sent to an andrology technologist who examines them under a microscope to look for sperms. It usually takes 10-14 hrs of examination under a microscope to determine if sperm is found or not. If the sperm is found then it is frozen in liquid nitrogen. Statistics have shown that frozen sperm is more successful than fresh sperm in IVF. The sperm found out can be used for IVF procedure which is quite affordable and has a high success rate, the cost of IVF is 1,30,000.

How is Micro- TESE has done?

Recovery and the cost of the procedure

As the scrotum is one of the fastest healing body parts in a male; most of the males recover quickly without any pain after the surgery. Doctors even recommend patients to take 800mg Ibuprofen every eight hours and 650 mg Tylenol every six hours to avoid any discomfort or pain. Patients are asked to avoid sex, masturbation, or any sort of heavy exercise for 10 days post-surgery.
The success rate of the IVF procedure is around 60% in sperm retrieval. The cost of the procedure is almost 1 lakh INR which is nearly the same as the cost of IVF that is 1,30,000.

Are there any risks involved in the procedure?

The procedure has the lowest complications than all the others in rates of testicular sperm retrieval. There might be some general risks involved which are common to all the surgical processes such as minor bleeding, infection, inability to find sperm, and postoperative pain.

Why Choose Aastha Fertility Center

Aastha fertility center is your one-stop solution to all your problems related to infertility. The highly experienced team of doctors and the latest medical facilities provided by the hospital make it the first choice for an of lot patients. The clinic is one of the best IVF center in Jaipur city.
Dr. Namita Kotia with her team has made a lot of couples live their dream of being a parent. The hospital delivers 90 percent of its patients with successful results. People are highly satisfied and happy with the results and medical facilities provided by the hospital, which can be seen in the testimonials section on their website.

Why Choose Aastha Fertility Center –

The center is not a constraint to help women with infertility but they also deal with the treatments of a man’s infertility. A lot of procedures and treatments such as MICRO-TESE, IUI, ICSI, sperm cryopreservation are some treatments dealing with males fertility which Aastha fertility center does.
One can even book an appointment with the center where you can discuss the issues faced by you, cryopreservation so that doctors can tell you the further steps you must take for the treatment. A lot of awards have been given to the center for their excellence in dealing with infertility and medical facilities by some renowned personalities. To get more information about the hospital and the services provided by the hospital you can check out their website and book your appointment today with the cities best IVF center in Jaipur.
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