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Which operating system should you choose for your next computer?

There are several choices when it comes to operating systems. Windows is a popular operating system among most of the people. Mac Operating System is an excellent choice for creative professionals. Google also offers Chromebooks and they are simple and cheap. Programmers may prefer Linux OS. If you are confused about which OS to choose, then read on.

Should you use Windows?

Windows is a type of operating system which is very common and user friendly. The latest version of the Windows operating system is Windows 10 and was released by Microsoft in 2015. Microsoft tends to keep working on the new updates and advancements. The most important advantage of Windows is that it offers a vast range of compatible softwares. However, the disadvantage of Windows is that it has security issues due to the presence of a large amount of malware. But, Windows is the best platform for gamers who like to play games, especially AAA title games.

Should you use macOS?

Creative professionals will always prefer macOS. That is because Apple has created a market of most advanced and professional tools and software which run only on macOS. Also, Apple’s macOS offers the best security as compared to that of all other operating systems.

We can install macOS on a non-Apple device also, and we call it as Hackintosh, but this is very complex. The benefit of the macOS is that it provides extra support in professional software like Adobe Photoshop. Though these software are also designed for Windows too, they function better in macOS. Another important feature of Apple hardware is that it automatically updates the operating system to the latest version regularly, and that is also free of cost. The disadvantage of macOS is that Apple hardware is expensive as compared to that of other devices.

Should you use Linux?

There is another operating system known as Linux, and while most people do not even consider it, it is one of the best operating systems available. It is a flexible operating system. The users who want to perform complex tasks efficiently always consider Linux one of the best operating systems which suits their needs. However, it is not as user friendly as compared to other operating systems.

Should you use Chrome OS?

Google’s Chrome Operating System is also one of the most exciting competitors in the market of the operating systems. It is a very light OS. However, you will have access to Chrome, Chrome apps, and Android apps only. You will not be able to run Windows desktop software.

Should you use BSD?

BSD stands for Berkeley Software Distribution. This operating system is not well known, and it is an alternative to Linux. It operates on Unix. BSD is an open-source, and researchers have developed this operating system. BSD is more flexible than the Linux Operating System.

Dual-booting operating systems and virtual machines

If you are confused about choosing an operating system, then you may go with this option. Here, you install two or more operating systems in one machine. When your computer starts, it will allow you to select the operating system for that session. Through this, you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

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