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Why choose a Career in Big Data?

Career in Big Data?

The adoption of Big Data across industries has increased consistently over the last decade. The application of Big Data is expected to grow further. A report from research & markets estimates the value of the Big Data analytics market will reach $105.08 billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR (cumulative annual growth rate) of 12.3% between 2019 and 2027.

This presents a good opportunity for anyone looking to start a career in the tech industry. Job opportunities in this field are increasing exponentially as small and large companies ready themselves to reap benefits off the adoption of Big Data.

Additionally, Big Data professionals are paid more than the national average salary across most countries. The average salary of a Big Data analyst in the U.S is $102, 907. Other Big Data Roles Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Data Architect, Machine Learning Engineer, Data Visualizer, among others pay equally well.

 Let’s discuss prominent roles in Big Data. 

Roles in Big Data 

  1. Analysts: A data analyst collects and analyzes data. In senior roles, they may also perform additional tasks, but data analysis is their core task. An analyst is expected to know R, Python, SQL, statistics, excel, etc. to do their work effectively.
  1. Data Scientists: A data scientist helps companies make decisions. They collect and analyze data. Plus, build predictive models to help companies prepare themselves better for the future. They employ their data wrangling skills and knowledge of machine learning to build models.
  1. Data Engineer: A data engineer helps organizations build and maintain data infrastructure. They also ensure that data operations continue seamlessly and every stakeholder receives data required to perform their job easily.
  1. Machine Learning Engineer: Responsibilities of a machine learning engineer fall more in artificial intelligence (AI) than analytics. Many organizations employ machine learning engineers to build predictive models.

Prepare for a career in Big Data

While Big Data offers lucrative career opportunities, jobs also demand mastery in several complex skills. For any Big Data role, a gamut of skills needs to be mastered. Going back to university is one option and taking an online Big Data certification and courses is the second option to prepare for Big Data roles.

Taking a full-time program can be cost-prohibitive for full-time workers. Those who are yet to do their under graduation will find this a convenient option to develop a skill for a Big Data career. Courses and certifications are available for all levels of professionals that are commensurate with experience. DASCA, IBM, Microsoft, and Dell EMC offer specialist certifications for Big Data roles. These certifications are recognized globally and valued in the industry.

Additionally, full-time employed professionals can take short-term Big Data specialization courses. These courses will you develop Big Data skills steadily, but may not provide recognition like certifications do. However, self-paced learning and the convenience of learning in the comfort of your home are helpful. In the end, how well you implement your skills will make the difference.




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