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Why Choose Magento For Your eCommerce Store

If you have a brick and mortar store but till now you have not moved to online, it’s high time that you now start your ecommerce store. You can grow your business and reach a bigger audience online. If you are thinking about which platform you should get your web store designed, then we suggest using Magento. There are many reasons for choosing the Magento ecommerce platform. It offers numerous features that give great shopping experience to the customers.

Here we have rounded up the reasons why according to experts, Magento web design is the best solution for you. Keep reading.

Perfect for e-Com Store’s Success 

Magento has been designed by the developers, especially for web stores and hence it is the most preferred CMS for e-Commerce websites. Magento offers all the features that an online store requires to function seamlessly. For a successful e-commerce business, it’s a complete solution. It is a very powerful platform for business owners. Developers find it an ideal match for online businesses. spotify dinlenme satın al

Compatibility with mobile phones

This platform is compatible with smartphones and in today’s time, when customers are mobile savvy, it works well for ecommerce websites. Online businesses are successful if websites are mobile friendly. It has features to take the mobile shopping experience to the next level. Online shoppers can enjoy seamless shopping as Magento supports HTML5. It is easy to customise the web store as per your needs. Even the images can be resized and videos too are supported on this platform.

Good Performance

It is known for its high performance. Any dynamic or static operation like page loading, query processing or any other, Magento’s performance is great. It uses minimum server resources but performs high. Just imagine if your site is slow then how many customers you would lose every day. Using the latest technology like FPC, Varnish and optimised database, Magento fulfils all your needs whilst offering your customers a great shopping experience.

SEO Features

It is SEO friendly platform that can help your web store rank high in search engines. It offers features like SEO friendly URL structure, meta tags and descriptions too can be written. Sitemaps can be easily created, making it easy for you to take advantage of all its SEO services features and reach your audience by ranking higher in search engines.

Built in Google Tools

Magento offers some built in Google tools to help you run your web business properly. Using Google Analytics and Google Base, you can monitor your web store. Google Checkout will help your customers to enjoy a seamless shopping experience. Also, this platform helps you to integrate many third party services, including order tracking, payment gateways and more.

Open Source & Magento Modules

Magento is popular among developers because it is open source and can be customised as per your needs. Also, its Community Edition is free to use. Using Magento modules, you can improve your website. On Magento Connect or marketplace you can find modules as per your requirements and enhance the performance of your web store.
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