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Why Do We Need to Merge Laptops and Smartphones?

When laptops came into the world of technology, the tech industry was trying their best to improvise the workforce of a mobile phone. The world was not technologically advanced at that time, but the technical teams were heading towards the betterment of the technological future.

In today’s world, we live amongst robots, Smart home devices, and more that have made work from home easier, and we can even take benefits of the technology while traveling. Connecting to our friends or family from across the world, using any video conferencing application, is an easier task. Our focus has also shifted from mobility to connectivity. Earlier, some of the great technologies were not available in all parts of the world, so people had to travel and move across to remote locations to use familiar hardware they had seen or used at job sites, conference rooms, and other places. But now we can handle technologies directly from our bedrooms. The advancement in the technological sector has allowed us to switch our attention from work to meetings at home and anywhere we want.

From the past two decades, laptops used to be an excellent investment, but now you can get almost everything a computer offers directly on your smartphones. However, both smartphones and laptops offer different screen sizes, which affects our productivity. And, a lot of things on both devices need to be addressed. We believe that it’s time to blend both the devices to move a step ahead to make our technological experience better.

But before we get into that, we must know what is wrong with both the devices and why we need to merge both of them? As we know that smartphones already have a lot of productivity tools that help the employees to work remotely more than any laptop or PC in this world. Moreover, a lot of smartphones now use 5G networks that provide more reliable and better performance than any other wired network that most of the homeowners use. The 5G network is changing the way the world connects and communicates as it is specifically meant to deliver higher multi-Gbps peak data speed at low latency. Even the companies are, now, aware of the changes that they might have to make with the content on PCs or smartphones to provide better technical services to their users.

A laptop or a smartphone user faces a lot of challenges in connection and also due to the camera placement. When a person is giving presentations from their laptops or computers, camera placement can impose a little problem in giving the audience a suitable view. Employees can use a smartphone, and a smartphone-stand to give the presentation, but the RAM might have troubles while they try to switch between the presentation and files one might need to share. To do any job efficiently in a professional manner, one will need to make sure that the devices are better integrated and the conferencing services highlight the speaker and pick up their voice properly to make it easier for the audience to feel connected.

Hence, considering all the angles and viewpoints of the audience, or users, one needs the amalgamation of both the devices to put their best foot forward in the professional field.

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