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Real Estate

Why invest in real estate?

Why buy a property ? We give you 5 reasons why you should invest in real estate with which at the end of reading this article you will want to acquire a property and reap the fruits that it generates in the future.

Surely you have heard that the real estate market is one of the best investments for the added value and security it provides over other more volatile types of investment, but do you know why this is?

Many people immediately think of the Stock Market or a business when they hear the word investment. It is normal, they are two of the most attractive investment models that exist; however, they are also among the riskiest and definitely require a lot of experience. Read complete detail below about why to invest in real estate? Despite the economic circumstances, opting for a real estate investment has always been a good way to make our capital profitable. This is because owning real estate represents a higher degree of security compared to other alternatives. Getting a new home can be due to the desire to achieve a great goal in life, have the dream place to live or provide a home and protection for the family. On the contrary, if the objective is for investment, you have the possibility of strengthening your capital, obtaining a source of income or investing in an asset with high value. Whatever the reason for purchasing a property, the truth is that it is good to invest in real estate, and doing so never goes out of style.  It is an always active and profitable market that offers people to start as investors, even with little money. As long as you know the basics like what is a lease up .

1. The return on investment can be raised

We start with one of the most important metrics when making an investment. This value is your best ally to know if an investment is worth it or not.

The return on investment is the financial gain obtained at the end of an investment. Said in a very general way: it is the difference between the capital obtained at the end of your investment and the initial capital .

The ROI formula is:

“Value of the benefit obtained – Value of the investment * 100 = RETURN ON INVESTMENT”

Investment value

Real estate is one of the few assets that does not lose value over time. But the opposite happens: they acquire more and more value. This means that the property you acquire today will be worth much more tomorrow.

2. You keep your money active

Many people believe that their money is safer in a savings fund than in an investment: nothing could be further from the truth .

Storing your money will only make it lose its value. Imagine that you reserve US $5000.00 in a safe place. Within ten years you will have that same US $5000.00 in your possession; the problem is that ten years have passed and things no longer cost the same.

Do you see now why it loses value? What you could buy ten years ago with US$5,000.00 is definitely not the same as what you can buy now.

3. Capital gains are almost certain

Surplus value is the increase in value of things ; It is mainly used in the real estate context. If you’re thinking of investing in real estate, chances are you hear this term all the time.

The capital gain or increase in value of a property depends on different factors, such as:

  • Services
  • Finish
  • Maintenance
  • Architecture
  • Environment
  • lit
  • Services

The appearance or improvement of any of these elements immediately increases the added value of the surrounding properties. For this reason, not all properties increase their added value in the same way.

Many people seek to buy in sites that are under development: housing complexes with shopping centres under construction (or in plans), a school or any service that increases their surplus value. Buy low and sell high.

Unlike other businesses where advanced knowledge is necessary to succeed in the field, one of the benefits of real estate is that you do not require much experience to integrate .

4. You can rent the property and acquire additional income

The most widely used real estate investment model is buy-to-let . For this point we have some suggestions that we believe can help you choose the best one:

  • Do not look for it to your liking; look for it to the taste of your potential tenants
  • Study the area very well and choose parts of the city with a high demand for housing
  • Choose properties with accesses and roads in good condition

Always use the services of specialised agencies. Without the mediation of an expert, the experience can end up being very unpleasant. Which brings us to the next point.

5. You do not need to be an expert to choose the best property

As we said at the beginning of the article, unlike other investment models, you do not need to be an expert here.

To choose the best property, the best time and the best conditions, your best option is to request the services of an agency.

You will be surprised by the number of legal aspects and procedures that you have to know. But don’t rush, someone else will be able to interpret them for you. That is why it is of the utmost importance that you put yourself in the hands of serious and reliable agencies: with a good reputation. You can read more ways about investing in real estate by clicking here.

You will come into contact with notions such as capital gains, amortisation, appraisal, mortgage, lease and more, whose ignorance will not prevent you from recognising a good business opportunity. Of course, you have to be clear about the reasons for making a substantial investment and what you intend to achieve with it.

6. Complement for a better retirement

Probably what we all want when retiring from working life is to be able to live with the security of having a comfortable income month after month that allows us to live comfortably for the rest of our lives. Additional earnings obtained from renting a property are an excellent complement to a calm and carefree retirement. In addition, having a home in case of emergencies is one of the best insurance that someone can have in the worst case scenario.

7. You get tax benefits

As we told in our article  Tax benefits when investing in real estate , investing in a property implies the use of some concepts from which you can deduct taxes . This is an advantage over other investment sources, because even the taxes generated from real estate gains are less than other types of investment. However, we recommend that you go to a tax advisor to guide you on how to best take advantage of these advantages.


Investing should not be taken lightly. After all, this is your heritage, for which you have worked all your life. Real estate investments are one of the safest ways to grow your money. Seven Wonders City Peshawar is best real estate website. The return on investment is high, your money remains active and the capital gain is guaranteed. You can also rent it to get an entry of extra money.

The real estate market is full of opportunities to seek investment alternatives. This also makes things easier for those who analyse what type of property to invest in and what characteristics are adapted to their personal and family needs. But why invest in real estate? How much do you need to know to start investing? The really important thing is to understand that buying real estate brings with it a series of advantages and opportunities whose knowledge will allow you to make the decision without having to be an expert in real estate matters.
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