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Why make the switch to digital signature online?

Digital signature online has made the processing of acquiring signatures from relevant authorities and individuals secure, faster, and easier. In the case of not following this modern business trend, we assure you that you will be convinced to buy a digital signature solution online when you know the benefits of this technology for your organization.

What is a digital signature online?

In basic terms, the digital or electronic signature is a digitized way to sign a document or form by using a dedicated electronic signature solution or platform. It helps you sign the documents without using pen and paper. More importantly, you can keep the documents secure and protected during and after the tasks defined in these contracts. Another important aspect is that these documents are legally binding, and in the case of any breach or conflict, they can be presented in courts.

When you have a trusted and the best online signature app, sending and getting signatures from all stakeholders becomes smooth. Once the recipient receives the document, he can draw his signature by using the free E Signature app, type the signature by using plugins or follow the procedures defined by the digital signature app to complete the documentation instantly. In this way, the documentation can be completed within minutes.

While using traditional and conventional ways, the companies can collect the signature via fax, email, or courier services. More importantly, they spend money and time while using paper, pens, printers, scanners, storage, and courier services. Another interesting issue that is related to conventional signature is that the experts do not find this solution eco-friendly.

Traditional signatures are time-consuming and costly

You do not need to claim with a digital signature online that there is a wastage of time and money. It has been quite common while using physical signatures. It means that even a free electronic signature in Word helps you simplify the whole documentation process right from creating an electrical contract agreement PDF to finishing. Moreover, you do not compromise on security or validity when you incorporate digital signatures online in your organization. It is what you can achieve when you use e-signature online.

The best e-signature apps allow businesses to smooth the documentation process. Your staff does not need to spend time filling the forms out and get signatures from all at the initial level. On the other hand, we send important documents by using digital signature online platforms and keep an eye on all stakeholders while signing these important documents. Furthermore, they can stay at their places to sign the documents. Additionally, they know exactly what others are doing in completing the documentation process.

The process of creating an E-Signature

However, many business owners and managers do not know how to use this process. Initially, they need to use convenient platforms to sign the documents. However, these free E Signature apps are not as secure as the stakeholders expect. The reason is that these apps do not address your needs related to the security and protection of the documents. Moreover, you cannot cut the printing cost as much as you need. Therefore, the best solutions are those digital signature online solutions that offer cryptographic features to ensure that the signatures are authentic and there is no chance of breach or unauthentic access to these documents.

In this way, the issuing authority allows you to prepare the account, add all the stakeholders, follow the instructions to develop the signing process, and prepare the documents by using the platform. When the creator of the documents starts the signing process, all stakeholders get notifications. Furthermore, when someone tries to change the document content, the system does not allow it unless or until all the stakeholders give the assurance to do so.

Why are digital signature online solutions important? 

As you have learned already that an e-signature solution can be one of the most beneficial tools for all types of businesses, it is necessary to mention all those benefits that can help you make your business operations smooth and improve your organizational performance. Here, we are mentioning some of the key benefits that will convince you to switch to digital signature online:

Environmental impact

Deforestation has already damaged our environment, and many businesses and individuals understand it. However, they do not know that the paper industry has contributed a lot to it. Therefore, they must adopt eco-friendly measures to leave a better environment for our generations. Leaving the use of paper or at least minimizing it to the maximum level is the best contribution that a business can make. Using digital signature online helps you cut short the paper use, as you do not need to get prints again and again and complete the documentation in a paperless environment.


All you know that documentation is a long process when you use the conventional signing process. The reason is that the availability of all stakeholders at the same time physically is not possible. With a digital signature online, physical presence is not required, and every individual or party can sign the documents by staying at his own place. In this way, all can come online immediately by using their laptops, desktops, tablets, or smartphones and sign the documents instantly. It means that you can speed up the documentation process, which is a must in the current competitive world.


Several individuals are involved in the conventional system who are getting prints, signatures, scanning, witnessing, copying, storing, and delivering the documents. It is one of the basic reasons due to which the performance can be affected and more time can we consume. Using electronic signatures online can make this process more efficient and effective because only the authorized people are involved. Therefore, the chances of mistakes and delays can be minimized.


As cryptographic tools, audit trails, and digital encryption are involve. When we use a digital signature online for documentation, security can be improve a lot. These solutions help keep hackers away from the documents. And you can minimize the chances of a breach and other threats in this way.

Precise legal validity

With the conventional way of signature, the courts rely only on handwritten signatures of individuals. And the opinion of the witnesses. However, when we use a digital signature, the courts have the option to look at the timings of the signatures, IP addresses. And unique identifications of the users. In this way, you remain on the safe side. Because everything is digitize, and no one can claim against these figures.

Storage and verification

Previously, our filing cabinets were full of authentic and unauthentic documents. Moreover, the companies have been struggling to allocate space for physical storage. Additionally, finding the specific document was a hectic task for the administration. All these issues have been resolve with the involvement of cloud storage. This feature is attach to these digital signature solutions. Placing the document, filing them according to your ease, and extracting. When you require has become the easiest tasks to perform in organizations.

Much improved security of important documents

Another crucial feature that is attach to the previous feature is that you can keep important documents away from unauthorize individuals by keeping them on cloud storage. In this way, you can seal the document when you require it. More importantly, you cannot change it by yourself during the operations or even after. That as you need authentication from all who are involve in this contract.

Cut costs

Last but not least is that you can save a huge amount by using digital signatures online. It is because you can limit the costs that have been involve in the conventional way of getting signatures. A study tells that companies can save around one billion dollars by reducing the use of paper only. So, how is it possible for you as a business to spend such a huge amount on conventional documentation processes?
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