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Why You Need Online Time Clock Software For Your Property Management Team

Managing a team of employees can be difficult without the proper tools and technology. This is especially true for workers that are always on the go, such as a property management team. Online time clock software has several benefits that can help you to manage your team and facilitate smoother business operations.


Know Where Your Employees Are And What They’re Working On

Property managers need to track their work hours, but they also have to be mobile. The trouble with employees that are always on the go is being able to track where they are and what they are doing to make sure that they are on task.


Online time clock software can track your employees via GPS so that you can see where they are at any given time. Being able to monitor an employee’s whereabouts enables employers to ensure that their team is where they are supposed to be,, such as at the property they are supposed to be working on or handling company business.


It also allows for task reminders and real-time tracking so that you can be sure that work is being done when they say it is. By gathering real-time location information, you can also hold your team accountable for the work that they do while on the clock.


Makes Payroll Processing Streamlined and Accurate

Part of the trouble with managing employees is accounting for scheduling and hours for those who constantly work remotely or are out in the field. Online employee timesheet software allows you to approve timesheets and process payroll from anywhere. This allows your property management team to focus on the job they are supposed to be doing and not have to worry about returning to the main office to turn in timesheets.


Online time clock software also gives you the ability to manage employee overtime expenses better and easily schedule time off. This includes making adjustments to employee schedules to account for preferences and changing situations. Flexible clock in and out software makes the entire scheduling and management process much more straightforward.


Additionally, you can integrate the software with your payroll provided to more quickly and accurately calculate employee pay and process payments so that employees are always paid on time. This improves employee morale and overall productivity.


Allows You To Focus On More Essential Business Tasks

One of the most considerable benefits of online time clock software for an employer is that it holds employees accountable for the time they work and their overall productivity. By giving employees more control over the time tracking process, there is less need for managerial oversight. This allows you to focus on more essential and productive tasks rather than having to micro-manage your property management team.


Employees know that if they want to be paid for their hours, they have to be where they are supposed to be and on task doing company business. Keeping employees on track with web-based time clock software eliminates wasted time and improves overall efficiency without taking away from other areas of the business.


Being able to view employee data in real-time means you are also able to see changes in the system in real-time as well. This allows for more fluidity and the ability to adjust to a changing situation. You can adjust employee hours, move employees around, change up team members or make other changes immediately without the need for calling everyone in from the field. This flexibility is crucial to ensure your business stays operating at a high-level.


The most important feature of online timesheet software is the ability to safely and accurately manage employee time. The software allows you to eliminate time theft and time card discrepancies, wasted time, and other problems that occur when attempting to manually track employee work hours. The ability to manage your property management team with automated features and real-time tracking is why you need to invest in online time clock software today

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