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World Data Science Initiative Marks First Global Alliance for Data Science Education

Washington D.C. – August 4, 2020

The launch of the World Data Science Initiative (WDSI) marks the first ever global alliance promoting excellence in data science education. The initiative, which launched in January of 2020, quickly garnered global attention. Within three weeks of the launch, more than 30 higher-education institutions in over 20 countries applied to join the alliance. This number is expected to climb beyond 100 applicant institutions before the end of the year.

WDSI is the world’s biggest ever talent development project, dedicated to the cause of developing a global pool of 250,000 Data Science talents by the year 2022. This will be made possible by bringing together leading technology schools, universities, educators, education regulators, and multi-lateral aid bodies such as the education projects of the World Bank and the United Nations. The driving force of the initiative is the idea that technology educators must be assisted financially to help them access the next generation of data science knowledge, content, and standards required to deliver top quality data science education and training.

The initiative was launched to try and meet the ever growing need businesses have for data scientists. Enormous amounts of data are generated every second, creating massive data inflows that most businesses simply can’t handle yet. The need for highly trained and skilled data scientists in the workforce is undeniable. And in our information age, where knowledge is power, Data Science has emerged as the most critical growth engine. WDSI is offering over USD 300 million in grants and subsidies to universities and institutions that join the initiative to help meet this market demand and increase the number of highly skilled data scientists globally.

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About WDSI

World Data Science Initiative (WDSI) is the world’s biggest ever talent development project in Data Science. Our aim is to build a worldwide force of 250,000 future-ready Data Science professionals. We offer the world’s most comprehensive subsidy and grant initiative to help universities and institutions reach the highest standard in Data Science.

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