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Wrong Turn: Every Cannibal In The Franchise

Wrong Turn is a famous horror movie series in Hollywood. It is one of the best movie series of the horror genre, which is completely related to group-murders. Wrong Turn film series is very popular among those people who are great fans of horror movies.


There are six parts of the film Wrong Turn till now, and the seventh part of this series is scheduled to release in 2020. However, the release date of the seventh part is yet to confirm. The first installment of this film series was the Wrong Turn, which was directed by Rob Schmidt and released in the year 2003. A sequel to this film was released after a long gap. The second installment of this film series was Wrong Turn 2: Dead End. This film was released in the year 2007 and directed by Joe Lynch.

After getting success in the previous two parts of the film, the director Declan O’Brien, decided to direct the third part to this film series. The film Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead was released in the year 2009. After releasing the third part, director Declan O’Brien continued to attach with Wrong Turn series and directed two more movies further. The film Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings was released in the year 2011 and Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines was released in the year 2012.

The five parts of the Wrong Turn film series made it the most popular series in the horror genre. Later, the director Declan O’Brien did not return for another part and the director Valeri Milev replaced Declan to direct the sixth part of the series. Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort was released in the year 2014. Now, the seventh part of the film series is set to release in the year 2020 on the big screens, which could be the last part most probably. However, the release dates of the film Wrong Turn 7: The Foundation is not yet confirmed.

Wrong Turn has followed several similar cannibals in their series. The story of the film revolves around the families of cannibals who hunt humans for food by killing them in horrible ways. The makers of this series have involved many similar characters in the series. Here we will discuss each cannibal that has been featured in a Wrong Turn movie so far.

Three Finger

Three Finger is the only cannibal to appear in all the six Wrong Turn Movies. The character of Three Finger was played by Julian Richings. He was the oldest character of this film series. He was portrayed as a trio along with his brothers, Saw Tooth and One Eye. According to the film, all three cannibals were dead, but Three Finger was seen alive in the post-credit scene at the end of the movie.

Saw Tooth

Saw Tooth is another main cannibal who has been playing a scary role in all the Wrong Turn movies. The actors playing the character of Saw Tooth have shown to be different in all the Wrong Turn movies. He was confirmed dead in the first movie, but later he joined his brothers and family in the film Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings. After this film, Saw Tooth has been consistent from the last film, Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort.

One Eye

One Eye is another primary cannibal among the family, three deadly cannibals. Just like the Saw Tooth, he has also been portrayed by several different actors in all the Wrong Turn movies. He was also shown dead at the end of the original Wrong Turn movie but returned to reunite with his deadly brothers in the film Wrong Turn 4 and Wrong Turn 5.

Ma, Pa, Bother, Sister & Baby Three Toes

The story of the film Wrong Turn 2: Dead End told us about a group of reality show contestants who were trapped by the evil cannibal’s family, the Odets family. Three Finger was the only survivor of the original Wrong Turn movie and joined several newly introduced cannibals in Wrong Turn 2.

Ma, Pa, Brother, and Sister were the members of the Odets family along with Saw Tooth, Three Finger, and One Eye. Baby Three Toes became the newest member to join the Odets family group in the film Wrong Turn 2. Ma and Pa were the parents of the twins, Brother, and Sister. At the end of the film, Three Finger and the Baby Three Toes were the only survivors.

Maynard Odets

Maynard Odets was the root of Odets family. He was the father of Saw Tooth, One Eye, and Three Finger. The character of Maynard Odets in the original Wrong Turn movie was played by the actor Wayne Robson. He died in the film Wrong Turn 2: Dead End but returned in the fifth installment of the film, Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines. In each sequel of this film series, the character of Maynard has expanded, which has become the highlight of Maynard’s role in all the Wrong Turn movies. After considering the role of each cannibal in all the Wrong Turn movies, we have concluded that this series has been the most horrifying and exciting of all the other horror movies. The limelight of all the Wrong Turn movies is one of the three cannibals, Three Finger, who has been consistent in all the Wrong Turn movies, which have been released so far.

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