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Xtreme Panel

The Intergas Xtreme divider mounted gas evaporator is a shut unit. The kettle is expected exclusively to give warmth to the water in a focal warming framework and residential heated water establishment for family unit use. The Intergas Xtreme meets the European mandates and extra national guidelines that are demonstrated by CE checking. The related similarity assertion can be mentioned from Intergas Heating Ltd (likewise observe ยง12) The Intergas Xtreme meets the electrical assurance class IPX4D. The evaporator can be associated with treated steel or plastic (PP T120) mix throughputs that have a CE name.

ERP Label

In view of the European ErP Directive (Energy related Products) all recently created gas terminated boilers need to satisfy least guidelines with respect to vitality execution. The Intergas Xtreme conveys a European vitality name containing explicit data with respect to vitality effectiveness class (CH and DHW), commotion level end greatest force.


The Intergas Xtreme is an adjusting high proficiency heater. This implies the limit is balanced by the ideal warming limit. Two separate copper circuits are coordinated in the aluminum heat exchanger. What’s more, the Intergas xtreme panel has a second warmth exchanger (heat recuperation unit). This second warmth exchanger is incorporated in the pipe of the kettle with the goal that the proficiency of residential heated water is expanded further. The remaining warmth of the pipe gases of the focal warming use is likewise used to preheat the household high temp water.

By applying this innovation, less vitality is required to carry the water to the right temperature and an incredibly high productivity is accomplished. The evaporator has a burner controller which, with each warmth request of the radiator or the residential high temp water office, controls the siphon (just during heat request of the warmer) and the fan, opens the gas valve, lights the burner and ceaselessly screens and manages the fire, contingent upon the mentioned limit.

Establishment area

The heater must be introduced on a divider that has adequate solidarity to have the option to manage the kettle loaded up with water. There must be an earthed meld spike accessible at a most extreme separation of one (1) meter from the kettle. The condensate must be associated from the heater and channel away to the sewer. To forestall freezing of the buildup channel funneling, the heater must be introduced in an ice free zone. Ensure the evaporator is effectively open by guaranteeing that there is adequate free space encompassing the kettle. This encourages the support of the kettle, in addition to other things.

Development vessel

The apparatus is fitted with an extension vessel satisfactory for a framework with a water volume not surpassing 100 liters, ordinarily 8 radiators. For bigger volume frameworks, an extra development vessel must be fitted. Contact Intergas for guidance in these cases.

Thermostatic radiator valves

In the event that all radiators have thermostatic radiator valves or valves that can be shut to isolate the stream totally from the arrival, a base measure of water flow must be guaranteed by the establishment of sidestep channeling,

Floor warming with siphon

For viable activity of the DHW gracefully any undesired dissemination through the machine because of a second siphon in the CH circuit must be stayed away from. Associate the floor warming framework in a using pressurized water nonpartisan way to the machine, or furnish the CH circuit with an electric shut-off valve or check valve to forestall course through the apparatus when there is no CH demand for heat.

LT/HT zone framework

The focal warming framework can be isolated into two gatherings, each with an alternate warming temperature, for instance a high temperature zone (HT) with radiators and a low-temperature zone (LT) with underfloor warming framework without its own dissemination siphon. The two zones must have their own room indoor regulator. LT/HR zone control is initiated by the change of various boundaries.

Operational rule

On the off chance that the room indoor regulator turns off the evaporator in light of the fact that another warmth source is warming the room, it is conceivable that different rooms will chill off. This can be forestalled by separating the focal warming framework into two gatherings. The gathering with the outside warmth source (Z2) can be deterred from the primary circuit with an electric shut-off valve. The two gatherings have their own room indoor regulator.

The local high temp water association of the warmth siphon heater is associated with the blend contribution of the thermostatic switch valve (see the standard graph). On the off chance that the DHW temperature of the kettle is higher than the set temperature of the switch valve, the warmth siphon heater will be tapped. Since the switch valve isn’t completely shutting, a limited quantity will likewise go through the Intergas Xtreme (about 10% of the all-out stream).

When the fumes temperature of the warmth siphon evaporator becomes lower than the set temperature of the switch valve, the course through the Intergas Xtreme will increment. On the off chance that the stream gets more prominent than the local heated water limit of the Intergas Xtreme, the evaporator will begin household boiling water request.

At the point when the fumes temperature of the warmth siphon kettle has become lower than the set temperature of the switch valve short 12K, nearly the whole household heated water stream experiences the Intergas Xtreme. The little spillage stream is currently taken from the warmth siphon evaporator. After the whole exchanging of the switch valve, the household heated water stream will be restricted by the Intergas Xtreme.

Thermostatic switch valve

The thermostatic switch valve utilized is an altered valve that meets the particular prerequisites to which the mix heat siphon heater and Intergas Xtreme are subject. For the right activity of the mix, the switch valve has a fixed temperature setting. The thermostatic switch valve can be requested from Intergas.

Residential high temp water channel pressure

For a stream volume of 20 liters for every moment, the underlying weight must be at least 2.3 bar. The permitted local high temp water operational weight for the blend might be a limit of 6 bar. A wellbeing gathering (6 bar) must be introduced for this reason.

Associating open air sensor

The heater has an association for an Intergas open air sensor. The outside sensor must be utilized in blend with an on/off or OpenTherm room indoor regulator. On a basic level, any on/off or OpenTherm room indoor regulator can be joined with an Intergas outside sensor. With an on/off indoor regulator, the evaporator will change the stream temperature as indicated by the set warming line. With an OpenTherm indoor regulator, this decides the impact on the stream temperature.

Solace Touch

It is conceivable to consolidate the Xtreme with the Intergas Comfort Touch remote and Comfort Touch OpenTherm (accessible as a choice). This set comprises of a LAN2RF entryway and an association set. The LAN2RF entryway gives an association between a web switch and the heater, with the goal that the evaporator can be checked and overseen a good ways off (by means of a web server) utilizing the Comfort Touch administration application.

The Comfort Touch is accessible by means of the customary vendor. In the event that the end client likewise needs to utilize the Comfort Touch prospects of the Xtreme, the set is additionally accessible with a Honeywell Round indoor regulator. For the end client, a purchaser rendition of the Comfort Touch application is accessible. The Comfort Touch administration and purchaser application can be downloaded from both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.
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