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Your Guide To Get Verified On Facebook

Once you decide to make it big in life, there is much more than hard work that you require to do. You need to make sure people consider you authentic and trustworthy. The trust and support of people is something that takes you higher in life. That’s what you need for your Facebook business page. You would want folks to recognize and trust your brand. Yes, the blog is talking about the blue checkmark that’s a proof for your Facebook page to be authentic as opposed to other pages with the same name.

The Need For The Verification Checkmark

Getting verified on Facebook means that your profile or page is authentic. This helps in cases of huge brands and prominent personalities who may be having a strong fan base. It’s difficult to spot a movie star on Facebook with millions of fan pages made on his name. Yet, you know who to send the friend request when you find the checkmark beside their name. Brand pages, too, need such verifications to get distinguished from copycats.

The blog you are reading right now makes every detail clear regarding how to get verified on Facebook. Even if your mind is cluttered with doubts and queries right now, everything will seem easy by the end of this article. Follow the steps presented in the piece to get your Facebook page or profile verified. Grab a mug of cappuccino and read on.

What Verification Actually Means

Okay so, you must understand what getting verified on Facebook means in a real sense before following any steps. If you are a famous celebrity, then you must be knowing the stress of seeing multiple Facebook profiles by your name and profile pictures. While some create the pages just as a mark of their appreciation to you and for the purpose of making a fan page, others might simply be imitators who claim to be the real “You” on the platform. Whatever the case is, you would want the audience to know that your profile is the authentic one. That’s when a Facebook verification checkmark comes into play. The checkmark gives credibility to official pages and profiles so as to help the audience differentiate between what’s real and what’s fake.

Also, if your page or profile is verified on Facebook, this would mean that the profile or page will top the search results on Facebook. This, in turn, gives a boost to your reach. A win-win deal!

Types Of Checkmarks

There are two common types of Facebook verification checkmarks. The blue checkmarks are extremely common, but some profiles have a gray checkmark too. What’s the difference between the two? Read on.

The Blue Facebook Verification Checkmark

These tick marks are placed near the names of people and brands that are of public interest. Famous celebrities, giant brands, and exemplary entrepreneurs, all have a blue checkmark beside their names on Facebook.

The Gray Facebook Verification Checkmark

The gray checkmark too has an importance of its own. The gray checkmarks are seen in Facebook pages and profiles that are authentic but aren’t of public interest. Such names include those of small business, local organizations and more.

However, you can’t get the gray checkmark now. This is because Facebook made a move in 2019 that has permanently removed the grey checkmarks. There is only one verification checkmark you can get now on Facebook. To earn that, you would need to work really hard.

Can You Get Verified By Facebook?

Well, not everybody gets the chance to get Facebook verification. The verification has some pre-set criteria that everyone aspiring the blue checkmark must meet. First things first, your page would require to adhere to the company’s terms of service. Next, you would need to make sure that your profile or account is authentic, complete, unique, and notable.

–       Your profile or page must be genuine in the sense that it represents a real figure, business or entity. The person or company the profile talks about must not be imaginary or fake.

–       Your profile or page must be complete in the sense that it should be active. All the details given on the page must be authentic and complete in all respects. Also, the page must be having at least one post.

–       Your profile or page must be unique in the sense that it should represent a unique presence. Anything that’s of general interest won’t get verified. A business entity will get the blue tick for only one account, except in case of multiple language-specific accounts.

–       Your profile or page must be notable in the sense that it must be getting a good reach. Your profile or page must be popular and must get many searches in order to get verified.

All the criteria mentioned above are necessary but don’t guarantee a verification. In simple terms, you would have to use some psychological tricks to make your account seem credible among the audience. This directs to frequent postings on the page. If you post anything just once in a blue moon, then the chances of your page getting verified are very low. However, if you are regular with posting stuff every now and then, people will remember you and your post, and maybe wait for the next ones to come. This creates credibility for you, and thus increases your chances of getting Facebook verification.

Also, if you are a politician, law enforcement agency, or elected official, then you may go on a tough path to get that blue verification tick mark. This is because Facebook may also be having some other critical requirements in this case.

Your Key To Get Verified On Facebook

Firstly, you need to make sure that you meet the Facebook verification criteria. Once you do that, you would now be required to begin the application process. Following is an easy guide to get verified on Facebook.

Step 1) The Contact Form

Have a look at the contact form for the verification request. Read on all the requirements in the form.

Step 2) Select Your Verification Type

This means you would require to select whether you have a page or profile you want to get verified. Remember, your page or profile must be having a significant number of followers in order to get verified.

Step 3) Select Your Profile/Page

You will now have to select the profile or page you want to get verified on Facebook. In case of a Facebook profile, you would have to provide the URL of the profile.

Step 4) Click On The Suitable Category Of Your Page Or Profile

Now, you would have to select the category of your page or profile. Select one from the options listed by Facebook. You also get an option for “other” in the category list, in case none of the categories matches with your profile or page.

Step 5) Choose Your Country

This doesn’t need any elaboration. Just click on the country the page or profile belongs to. Simple!

Step 6) Attach Identification Information

Here comes the tricky part. If you have a personal Facebook account that’s waiting to get verified, then you would have to showcase a valid photo ID, your name and DOB. You can attach something like a passport for the verification purpose.

In case of a business account, you can provide anything like a utility bill, certificate of formation, tax exemption document or an article of incorporation.

Step 7) Your Explanation Matters

Now, its time to make your voice heard. You must be clear with your intention behind getting a Facebook verification. Share links for your accounts notability if you need to. Whatever your reason is, explain it clearly in this section.

Step 8) Hit On  The Send Button

Now, ensure that all the listed details are correct and then click on the “Send” button.

What If Facebook Rejects The Verification Request

The world doesn’t end when Facebook rejects your application. Even if you are fit to get verified, you still might not get luck on your side. In this case, you have the option to reapply for the verification after the period of a month. However, you must utilize those 30 days to increase your chances of getting verified.

–       Look for the reasons for getting rejected through Facebook support.

–       Focus on providing high-quality content on your page or profile.

–       Improve other brand accounts, as well. This increases your chances of getting verified on Facebook.

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