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YouTube SEO: Boost Rankings of Your Videos

The description is a significant factor for YouTube SEO. Never let this space go to waste. Use the keywords to make your video description. Explain your video in the description, and add the links of your other videos or websites. A description can help you to get more views and longer watch time.


Tags are a short way to explain your video by giving some keywords related to your video. This helps YouTube recommend your content to the relevant audience. So, use very particular keywords in tags, and these words must be related to your video content. Usually, 7-10 words are enough.


Thumbnail is a very crucial element for any video because this is the thing that the audience sees first. Video thumbnails grab the attention of the audience and help you in scoring clicks. The first impression is the last impression. If your thumbnail is not good enough to make an audience click your video, then it does not matter how good your content is, you will fail to get the views. So, make sure that your thumbnails are eye-popping.

Increase Engagement

The more your audience engages with you, the more your videos get the views. Never feel shy to ask your audience to hit the like button, subscribe to your channel, and comment on your videos. Post questions for your viewers and always reply to the comments that you get from the audience. Share or promote your content beyond YouTube. You can post your video link or short trailer videos on other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. It will help you get the new audience and will increase engagement on your YouTube channel.

Look at the Analytics

YouTube analytics is for analyzing your video performance. It will help you understand when your audience is active, your top-performing videos, watch time, and your revenue on videos. You can use YouTube analytics to decide the time when you should be posting your new videos for maximum engagement, which kind of content your audience likes, and what should be the length of your video.

So, if you are looking for more engagement on your YouTube channel, the tips mentioned above can really help you to optimize your YouTube SEO and get more views.

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