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Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 Would Be the Revival of Nintendo Switch

Nintendo stands comfortably at the top with players like Sony and Microsoft in the gaming industry. But recent developments in the world economy and the standstill it has come to, are a cause of worry with nothing significant to look forward to for Nintendo. Pushed into a landlock because of the pandemic, the gaming giant has been unable to put together their Nintendo Direct events. They were a huge crowd puller and kept the buzz going about different Nintendo projects.


Nintendo is a company with a legacy and is currently holding cards that could easily be a revival for them. First and foremost is the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2, a classic open-world exploration game that is impossibly popular worldwide. People from all parts of the gaming community love the title and have been eagerly waiting for new updates. But since mentioning the second part of the title at the E3 2019, we haven’t heard much about the coveted game. We saw a short and mystifying trailer that posed more questions than answers (which could be what they wanted to show us.)


Nintendo’s two main competitors have been all over the media channels and discussion circles even through the pandemic. Some Switch announcements made waves, but the amount of buzz that Sony and Microsoft are creating about their products has been phenomenal. The two tech giants are preparing for the launch of their new generation consoles later this year. To compete with these two, Nintendo will have to step it up. From its current list of launches, it doesn’t seem like a definite possibility.

At such a time, if Nintendo were to release any more information about the new edition, it would go a long way to revive their image. Some users have also talked about bringing some changes to the latest version that could benefit the player’s experience. For instance, adding a wind mapping system like that in Ghost of Tsushima could be a neat addition. For an open-world exploration game like BOTW 2, it could remove all interruptions from the free-roaming point of view. Free-roaming is a relatively new concept that games have started focusing on in the RPG world.

Such tweaks and changes are only being discussed because fans want to talk about the game in whatever capacity possible. These are ardent and loyal people who are invested in the story like anything. Thus, until they get to know more about Nintendo’s game, speculation will keep going on. All Zelda fans are waiting with bated breath as to what the next bit of information would be.

Source-Breath of the Wild 2 Would Be the Revival of Nintendo Switch
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