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Zoë Kravitz Cannot Wait to Be Back on Sets of The Batman

Zoë Kravitz has vocally expressed her enthusiasm and desire to restart shooting for her role as Catwoman in the upcoming Batman movie. The DC Extended Universe decided it was time to take a new route for the Dark Knight. Matt Reeves, the director of the film that is expected to release in 2021, narrowed in on Robert Pattinson to play the superhero. Batman movies have been remade by different directors in several perspectives, but Reeves hinted at a revamped outlook by revealing the first look.

The issued pictures of the movie were explicitly selected by Reeves to convey the sinister and fatal detective vibe that he has designed for the film. The images were out when the production began. A specific video dedicated to the revelation of the new suit of Batman was released before the photos and videos. The suit video gave the eager audience a glimpse of what Robert Pattinson would look like once he takes on the role of Bruce Wayne. The production had to deal with some unwarranted image leaks too, but in the current scenario, it is next to impossible. COVID-19 has made sure that it puts all shows and movies at a halt. The Batman production also paused their shooting many months back, and while there is no schedule of resumption, it is making Kravitz anxious.

The Batman team has not made any official announcement of when they plan to resume shooting, but that is not good enough for Kravitz. The actress took to Instagram and posted a picture of Prince in roller skates and a tank top with the Batman logo. The story read, “Me ready to go back to work like.” Prince was the creator of the complete music album for the Batman movie that released in 1989 and featured Michael Keaton. This fact makes the relevance of the photo even more comical and creative.

At present, it is not apparent as to when Kravitz and the remaining cast and crew will be back on the sets. A source informed us that the production is considering shifting the shooting locally and beginning in September to maintain the release schedule. If this is correct, the filming will re-commence after nearly half a year of sitting idle. The delay has already forced Warner Bros. to push the release date to October 2021. The fans also believe that once the filming begins and they move towards completion, it will reveal more details of the Catwoman character to the people. The movie’s team still has the official video of Catwoman’s suit reveal in store for fans. Let us hope for the sake of Kravitz and ourselves that the filming begins soon.

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Source-Be Back on Sets of The Batman
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