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16 Most Sacred Places to Visit During Your Umrah Journey

The Holy Places Must Be Visited When going for an Umrah trip, the cities of Makkah and Madina are regarded as the most sacred places on Earth. They are must-see sites for every believer in an entire lifetime. What can be the more satisfactory act for Muslims than performing an Umrah?

Of course, once you’ve performed all of the rituals on your Umrah Journey, the desire to walk around and see the places to expand on the blissful memories of this sacred visit is unavoidable. We’ve created a list of some of the sacred cities’ must-see places, which you can easily add to your travel itinerary.

Al-Haram Masjid:

Masjid e Haram, or Grand Mosque, is the world’s largest mosque, with a capacity of 1.2 million pilgrims. The black cubic structure ‘Kabah’ and the famous holy water well ‘Zam Zam’ are located in the most sacred and dream place for Muslims. Every Muslim aspires to visit this holy mosque at least once in his or her lifetime.

Mina (Tent City):

During the annual hajj pilgrimage. Over 1 Lac air-conditioned tents are set up in Mina valley which is situated three miles east of Makkah. The Jamarat Site is also situated in the Mina Valley, where pilgrims perform another hajj ritual known as “stoning the devil.”


Another sacred site in Makkah is Muzadlifah which is located within the province of Makkah. It is a flat, plain land situated between Mina and Arafat. Spending the entire day at Muzdalifah is a major hajj ritual. Pilgrims in Muzdalifah sleep under the open sky and rise early for prayers. A sacred mosque can be found at the top of a hill in Muzdalifah.

Cave of Hira:

Cave Hira (Mount Al Noor): The renowned Hira cave where Prophet PBUH received the first revelations of the Quran in 610 BC. The cave is located on Mount named “Al Noor”, also known as Jabal Al Noor due to the mysterious light that shines on the mountain at night. Prophet PBUH requires an isolated location to receive revelations from Angel Jibraeel (AS). The Cave of Hira is a place where Prophet SAWW spends his time and meditates day and night with the provision for himself.


Every Muslim strives to visit the site where Allah revealed the Quran’s first words upon His Apostle. This mountain’s Hira cave is the verified location where the Holy Spirit Jibraeel AS and the Prophet Muhammad first met. Who doesn’t want to prostrate as well as put his forehead in the Sujood where Allah’s Apostle once prayed?

Masjid-E-Ali (RA):

Companion Ali’s home has been converted into a mosque. This mosque is open for those who have a strong affection for him.

Masjid-E-Bukhari (RA):

To honor the great Muslim Scholar Imam Bukhari’s efforts in undertaking extensive research and collecting the authentic Ahadith of the Prophet, his home has been turned into a mosque.

Masjid-E-Bilal (RA):

The first Mu’athin of Islam and Prophet Muhammad RA’s most beloved companion, Bilal RA, has a special place in every devotee’s heart. For his call, the Quran revealed an ayah with his name. His house has been turned into a mosque.

Masjid e Aisha:

Masjid e Aisha, also known as Masjid e Taneem, is only 4.6 miles south of Makkah. All boundary points are close to the sacred mosque. When the Holy Prophet SAWW asked her to do so during the farewell Hajj, Hazrat Aisha RA declared that pilgrims would wear Ihram to perform Umrah.

Jannat E Mu’alla:

The sacred graveyard is a 10-minute walk from Holy Mosque and contains the graves of many of the Prophet’s family members as well as companions, including Hazrat Bibi Khadija (RA) (the Prophet’s first wife), Qasim (the Prophet’s son), Abdullah Bin Zubair (RA), Abu Talib (RA), Bint E Abu Bakar (RA), and other members of the Prophet’s family. All are welcome to pay their respects to the noble people of Islam by visiting their graves.

Abu Qubays Mount:

Near Mount Safah. There is the huge Mount named “Abu Qubays”. According to beliefs, this is the holiest site where the Holy Prophet PBUH split the moon in half by pointing His finger at it. This famous incident has deep religious significance for Muslims, and pilgrims love to visit this sacred site.

Place of Battle of Badr:

The Battle of Badr is the most important battle in the history of Islam, as well as in the life of the Prophet PBUH, as He and His followers fought for true religion against the pagan communities of Makkah. They were a small force. But they fought bravely against a massive, well-trained, and well-equipped army. The Battle of Badr is mentioned in the Quran also. In 624 CE, it was fought in the Hejaz region of western Arabia. The historical site where this battle happened is a must-see place in Makkah. Which is 334 kilometers away from the city.

Jannat ul Baqi: (The Garden of Heavens)

This is the main cemetery in Madinah, where approximately 10,000 of Beloved Prophet’s companions, family members, and faithful Muslims rest in peace. At this holy spot, Uhud’s martyrs are also buried.

Masjid-E-Abu-Bakar (RA):

In Madinah, there is a house of Our Holy Prophet’s companion Abu-Bakar RA.  Now, the building has been turned into a mosque. He was the first person who accepts Islam as his religion.

Bir-E-Usman (RA):

This is a well that belongs to Hazrat Usman (RA), the companion of Beloved Prophet.  He purchased it from a Jew who was selling it at a high price. According to the prophet, whoever buys this well from a Jew and gives free water to Muslims will go directly to Jannah.

Cave of Thawr:

The Thawr is situated at the southern end of holy Makkah, It’s a very historic place. The holiest mountain holds immense significance in Islamic history because this is the place. Where our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH spent three days in a cave known as the Cave of Thawr. After the persecution in Makkah, he SAWW hide here with his most trusted companion and also a beloved friend Abu Bakar Siddique (RA).

Therefore, the above-mentioned Sacred Places You Must Visit, during an Umrah pilgrimage, because this would make you more devoted towards Allah. Muslims Holy Travel provides complete Umrah tour solutions by offering the best Umrah Packages 2021 from the United Kingdom.

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