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A Complete Explanation To Reefer Trucks

In this article, reefer van rental will be discussed. What are these used for, which companies require them and other important information will be included in the write-up that will help you to rent the best van for your products.

What is a Reefer Van?

A reefer van is also known as a refrigerated van. A reefer van differs from a cooling or chilling van as it is not only insulated. Reefers comprise a cooling refrigeration unit. It is designed to transport short-lived items. It allows the transit of frozen goods as well.

A chiller truck rental with a refrigeration unit provides you the facility of temperature adjustment. In this way, you can haul multiple items that require different temperatures. The reefer vans use diesel-powered generators and cryogenic cooling techniques. You can now even find chiller van rental in Dubai.

The operating system of a Reefer Van

The objective of a refrigerated truck for rent is to remove heat and retain a steady temperature. For this purpose, refrigerated trucks like a household refrigerator collect and pump heat throughout the structure.

The mechanism is that of a typical refrigerator. Heat enters the compressor and is turned into liquid form. This liquid is moved to the condenser which works like a radiator to cool the engine. The fans present keep the temperature steady and the heat exchange procedure is carried out.

This liquefied gas then enters the evaporator. By this time it has absorbed a great amount of heat from its surroundings. Most of the heat is given to the condenser and the liquid cools, inside the evaporator, the liquid is again turned into gas which moves back to the compressor and the cycle continues.

Why use reefer vans?

Freezer truck rental is worthwhile for extended distance transit of temperature-sensitive freight. The following businesses are the ones that benefit most from the reefer vans:

  • Frozen food companies
  • Ice cream businesses
  • Florists
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Dairy products
  • Meat, fish firms

And so on. These companies hire reefer trucks for the safe transit of their goods. These goods require a certain temperature to stay in their right shape so companies use freezer vans to avoid the decay of their shipment. The reefer vans maintain the temperature and ensure safe transportation of goods.

Moreover, in the case of frozen products, it is important to load the goods when they are already frozen as the reefer vans provide consistent temperature but they do not freeze the unfrozen items. To avoid the spoilage of your goods be very careful with the temperatures.

Key points to consider before leasing a reefer van

Following are a few points to consider before freezer van rental. These few points are the main points and are of great help to the businesses.

  • What temperature is required?
  • What does the shipment include?
  • Do you require the reefer van for rent for long term or short term?
  • How big is the shipment you need to transit?

More about freezer vans for rent

The different parts of the reefer van include:

  • Reefer unit
  • Insulation box
  • Air chute
  • Tire inflation

To work properly, the above-mentioned components in a freezer van need fuel. The fuel costs may be higher as the truck as well as the reefer unit work on fuel.

You can control the fuel consumption of your truck by well managing the vehicle. However, the drive doesn’t affect the fuel consumption in a reefer as it works on a closed system.

The availability of temperatures in a reefer van are incredible. A reefer truck furnishes you with the temperature -85° F to 104°F. You can adjust the temperature according to your requirements.

Why rent a truck but not buy it?

The following are the reasons why you should go for a freezer van rental.

  • If you cannot afford the purchase of a truck.
  • If you seldom need a reefer van.
  • If you require different temperatures every time, renting is a good option.
  • You can get a new updated version of freezer vans each time.

However, when you rent a freezer van you should be careful about the terms and conditions of the company you hired the truck from. It is advisable to research properly before you make the final selection so that you do not have to face last-minute dilemmas.

In this article, we have provided you all the required basic information which you can use to rent freezer truck. You can easily hire the best service provider in your area and leave the hassle of transferring the sensitive products on them. This will not only save your time and energy but also boost your business operations more smoothly. This will eventually increase your profits and you will be happy and blessed to have an efficient service. But you have to follow the details mentioned in this article in order to hire an efficient freezer truck service provider.

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