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Best Adventure Movies on Netflix

National Treasure

Thinking of watching a great adventure movie on Netflix? Did you get tired while surfing the net in search of the best adventure flick when you didn’t find the right one that suits your choice? There are a lot of movies available on Netflix but choosing the right one that matches your taste may be difficult to find. If you are one of those who have lost hopes of getting the adventure movie of their choice, the list of the best adventure movies here is most likely to satisfy your thirst for more. Adventure movies can add color to your holiday and make it more exciting if you plan to watch them on holidays. If you have been searching for some of the best adventure movies, your search should come to an end as there are many available for you on Netflix. The list of the best adventure movies on Netflix is too good to not share. It’s time to have a look at the list of these best adventure movies. They are so interesting that you won’t realize how fast time has flown by.

National Treasure

National Treasure is a perfect entertainment dose for those who love something exciting, challenging, and full of fun. The plot revolves around a treasure hunter who is in desperate search of hints and clues on some of the United States’ ancient items and historical locations. The movie lets you have a glance at the most important landmarks in the history of the country. The plot doesn’t let you turn serious as it is a great blend of both fun and challenges. The movie was directed by Jon Turteltaub. If you are in the search of a movie with both comedic aspects and some exciting challenges, this can be the great one that matches your choice.

Thor: Ragnarok

This is the name that needs no introduction. Searching for a fantastic flick? No need to search through the vast library of movies! Thor is full of both witty comedy and thrilling action. In the movie, Ragnarok continues his journey full of adventures. The movie revolves around two brothers Thor and Loki who are defeated by a new evil and left stranded on a strange planet. The story goes further and excitingly unfolds the mystery. The amazing flick has been directed by Taika Waititi who has been praised for delivering fantastic movies full of emotional moments and thrilling actions that hold audiences’ breath. The movie is so interesting that it will quench your thirst for adventure movies.

Indiana Jones and Raiders of the Lost Ark

It has been one of the most popular adventure movies which have earned accolades from all kinds of audiences. It’s time to know why you should watch this movie. Indiana Jones and Raiders of the Lost Ark is a phenomenal movie. The movie is about archeologist Indiana Jones who makes constant efforts to stop Nazis from obtaining the Ark of the Covenant. The movie is worth watching as it is full of thrilling actions and amazing characters. Indian Jones and Raiders of the Lost Ark is an adventure movie. It is so captivating that you will fall in love with this flick easily. The classic action movie has been directed by Steven Spielberg. If you want to satisfy your thirst for watching adventure movies, the adventure movie should be watched at least once by you. Watch it once, it is sure that you will love it.

Sherlock Holmes

You may have heard about Sherlock Holmes. If you have been a fan of Sherlock Holmes, watching this movie can surely keep you entertained. The movie has been directed by Guy Ritchie who has been known for his outstanding work in Hollywood. The amazing flick is based on Sherlock Holmes who is regarded as the famous detective. Those who are in love with a movie based on detectives must watch it. The story is full of fun twists and thrilling actions that make it worth watching. The movie has been highly appreciated and was starred by Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law. Both of them have great on-screen chemistry that keeps you entertained.


Coco is one of the most emotionally animated films. This movie is more entertaining than you may have thought. Just talking about this exciting flick can give you interest. If you watch it, it is sure that you will fall in love with it. Coco is a great Hollywood movie full of entertainment and delight. The story of Coco is based on a young boy who is transported to the Land of the Dead. The story depicts how the young boy goes through difficult phases of adventures. If you want to spend some time watching a great movie with your family, this movie may be the best option for you.

Swiss Army Man

Swiss Army Man may help you spend your boring day. It can rid you of the boredom you face when you don’t find any interesting movie. Watching Swiss Army Man can turn your boring day into the exciting one. Swiss Army Man follows the story of a man who makes friends with a dead body so that he can keep his sanity. The whole story goes further with complexities growing at every level and thus keeps you in suspense. The movie is more interesting than it sounds here. Swiss Army Man is a wonderful flick that will make you want to watch it again and again.

Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle

Mowgli is the most popular character in the world of animation. People usually watched Mowgli as a child and read about him but now is the time to have a look at the fantastic movie based on Mowgli who is brought up by various animals in the jungle. The fabulous flick depicts various phases of Mowgli’s life. The movie is directed by well-known actor Andy Serkis. If you want to see Mowgli’s adventurous journey during his life, you should watch this movie. The flick is so fabulous you won’t realize how fast time has gone by.

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