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Choosing The Right Ad Monetization Partner for Increasing In-App Revenue

So far in-app advertising is said to be the best among existing mobile game monetization strategies worldwide. The reason being its convenient models, management, and optimization for the monetization of mobile games and apps.

Publishers in this age find greater avenues to monetize at ease due to technological advancements. Nevertheless, due to tiny technical details and management, publishers still find the process difficult.

Mobile game and app publishers from the United States and the UK mentioned the technical difficulties like integration among many other challenges of app monetization. To overcome such challenges and more, it is appreciated that a publisher chooses to partner with a good ad mediation platform. Such platforms are also known as ad monetization partners that facilitate and mediate the process of in-app advertising for advertisers and publishers. Choosing the right ad mediation partner is what drives efficient in-app advertising for mobile app monetization.

A publisher in this age needs mediation to seamlessly monetize its app and generate maximum revenue at ease. What else is better than getting paid from the highest paying mobile ad network among many than just one? Sounds interesting, it surely is! Mediation allows publishers to accelerate revenue while doing nothing but making the right choice of a powerful monetization platform. 

This article will help you understand the characteristics of a good ad monetization partner and what to consider while choosing one for better in-app revenue. One good pick can enable you to earn wonders! 

Transparency Matters the Most

The very first and most important characteristic of a good ad monetization partner is transparency. A monetization partner must be true to the mobile app developer or publisher who looks forward to monetizing their app. The company must clearly share the payment policies alongside hidden charges if any. Privacy matter to the world so it should matter to you as well. The platform or the company must also share the chunks of data sharing that is required for monetization. Alongside these, the ad monetization partner must also be clear about the parts of the app that will become accessible to the partner after integrations are done.

Transparency not only builds trust between the two concerned parties but also helps in avoiding future conflicts. Whether a game or an app publisher, data is a sensitive property and one must be sure before integrating third-party software.


Ad Formats for Mobile App Monetization


As a publisher or advertiser, you will want to make the most out of your ad monetization campaigns, won’t you? For this, you will need a monetization partner that offers most of the trending ad formats that bring in greater revenue. The more experimental one is with the ad formats there is more opportunity for improved conversions and impressions respectively. From traditional, basics to high-end ad formats, all are equally important for effective monetization.

Lookup for the following ad formats when considering an ad monetization partner:

  •     Banner Ads
  •     Interstitials
  •     Offer Walls
  •     Native Ads
  •     Icon Ads
  •     Playable Ads
  •     Rewarded Video Ads


Integration Options Add Value

Now, this is the technical part where you need to be vigilant and careful in what you are opting for. From data sensitivity, privacy to the ease of integration, multiple factors can affect your choice. The integration method can often be time-consuming and leave a negative impact on your perfectly working app. Integrations often make mobile apps and games heavy which leads to lagging. Multiple integration methods exist such as server-to-server integration, SDK integration, and JavaScript Tags integration. The best one among these is the SDK integration which leads to convenient ad placements and optimization.

But just going for any SDK integration is not the right thing to do, one must choose a lightweight SDK that only requires one-time integration. This will not just ease out the process but will also prevent a mobile app from lagging. Choosing the right SDK and integration method can add much value to monetization and make the process hassle-free.


Fill Rate and eCPM

These two metrics collectively play a vital role in determining the in-app revenue for a publisher. Therefore, a publisher when choosing an ad monetization partner must learn about the mobile Ad Networks associated with the company and mediation models. Only high performing, high paying mobile Ad Networks can add to the better revenue when mediated unbiasedly. These ad networks must have a good market reputation and fill rate to be able to monetize right.

By high performance, we are referring to the fill rate that is maintained by mobile ad networks and the ad monetization partner collectively. Whereas fill rate is the percentage of successfully answered ad requests. Similarly, eCPM the effective cost per mile determines the revenue earned by a publisher. This value depends on the number of thousand impressions generated by an app. A publisher is paid per thousand impressions by the Ad Network, which is known as the eCPM.

Ad monetization platforms use auto-mediation for ad serving these days which is essential for an advertiser as well as a publisher. During auto-mediation, an ad request is sent from the publisher’s end to the Ad Network’s side. This is when the mediation process starts and an ad is served from only the highest paying, fastest responding ad network.

Good fill rate and eCPM is generated when unbiased bidding is done. On the same level, an advertiser gets an equal chance to serve his or her ad for better conversions.

Analytics and Optimization Options

A good ad monetization platform must provide all-important analytics in a sorted format to be viewed by the publisher as well as the advertiser. Ad monetization platforms need to provide comprehensive dashboards with active segmentation and filters for easy analyses and optimization. Such dashboards must provide the viewability of multiple performance tracking metrics such as the revenue, fill rate, eCPM, active users and more. A publisher must be able to view results based on region, apps, impressions and more. Only a good ad monetization platform has the power to segregate data in real-time and provide insights.

Payment Options Available

Since it’s all about the money, how can one ignore the payment methods available? Who does not like getting paid in the most convenient ways? A publisher when opting for an ad monetization platform needs to understand the payment options available. The common payment options associated with ad monetization are Net 15, Net 30, or Net 60. These options mean that payouts after either 15, 30 or 60 days of the monetization cycle.

This might surprise you but a few powerful app monetization platforms today also offer monthly payouts. This means such platforms not just offer smooth services but also provide payments within the 30-day time span. 

Similarly, payment methods such as bank transfers, PayPal, Paytm are important to be considered as per a publisher’s preference. Your choice of monetization platform must essentially align with your cash need so that it does not leave you cash bound. 

To better understand other effective ways of app monetization it is essential for a publisher to look deeper into in-app advertising as well as other strategies. However, to choose the right ad monetization platform it is highly important if one wants to generate better revenue with in-app advertising. 


Choosing the right ad monetization platform can be a daunting process. Knowing how the mobile app monetization industry is evolving, you may find multiple options. However, the key to success is finding the right solution by analyzing multiple factors as mentioned above. From digging into the transparency, finding the list of ad formats and analytics, there is much that matters. To make the process easy for you, you can always look into your circle and ask around. What else can be better than getting first-hand feedback for monetizing your app or game with a platform? Thus, look around and explore deeper into the notions of mobile monetization while evaluating platforms in-depth. 
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