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Common Mistakes We Are Doing In Our Skincare Routine Leading To Acne Breakout

Are you one of those who are doing everything they can to reduce the breakout of acne on their skin but failing terribly? Well, you are not alone here. But if you are also facing this issue, then there is something terribly wrong which is there in your skincare routine. Do not worry, as we are here with some of the common mistakes which we all are doing making our skin more prone to acne breakout. So make a note of these habits which are making your skin more prone to acne. If you are also having one of these habits, then you need to react immediately before your efforts are going to drain.

Jumping from treatment to treatment

This is one of the many mistakes we tend to do. When you are not giving any treatment any chance to do its work and immediately going for the new one, then you are just inviting more acne to your skin. Instead, you should give a treatment 6-8 weeks to show its effects. This way, you will be able to find what suit you the best without damaging your skin more and more.

Sharing makeup and brushes

Even though acne is not contagious, but there are so many chances that the other person oils, dead skin and bacteria from their skin to e transferred to your skin. This can be the reason of your acne breakout. So, if you are sharing your make up, then probably you are inviting a lot of items to cause acne on your skin. Also, along with sharing the makeup with other people, if you are buying the products which have certain types of oils and chemicals that can cause acne to your skin, then you are also prone to acne. You should choose your products more precisely and know the skin type before making any purchase. Try to use products marked as non-comedogenic.

Irritated skin

Now there are so many things which you must be doing to irritate your skin. To name a few please look into these. If you are doing any of these then stop immediately:

  1. Keeping your face dry by washing it all day long.
  2. Rubbing sweat off your face after anything.
  3. Sleeping in your make and clogging the pores overnight with makeup products.
  4. Scrubbing your skin to recede the acne from the face.
  5. Pooping or squeezing

If you are touching your acne and pimples and trying to pop them, then you are just asking for more time to heal them. So try to not touch them and never squeeze them. Instead, go for treatments which are more effective then squeezing them in the first place. You should use no scars neem extract facewash for acne scars which will help in keeping the scars from acne and pimples off your skin and give a clear skin.

So now you do not list, make sure you adhere to it. Use No scars neem face wash, if you are facing the issue of scars on your face and see the instant results on your face.

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