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Designing a Home Theater: 5 Tips to Watch in Comfort

Most theatre circuits like AMC and Regal closed some of their theatres due to the pandemic. That doesn’t stop people’s thirst for entertainment. It’s stronger now that people remain constrained to their homes.

Show quarantine who’s boss by designing a home theatre that makes you feel like you’re at the movies.

Building a movie theatre in your home gives you the same auditorium experience without the hassle of lines. You control the remote control, which comes in handy when you need a bathroom break.

The snacks are also affordable. You won’t feel like you purchased a car after buying tickets, drinks, and popcorn.

It’s time to turn that spare room into the ultimate entertainment experience. Here are some great tips for designing a home theater.

1. Designing a Home Theater Starts With Picking the Right Room

Where you build your home theatre makes all the difference. People often use a large spare room or a basement.

Either one works fine as long as it’s isolated and dark. Having control of the sound and light has a significant impact on the overall experience. Seal off windows and paint them black or charcoal to mimic a real theatre.

Remove them if possible. That prevents unnecessary light or sound from seeping in. Consider installing noise-resistant carpet as well. It helps control unwanted sounds and echoes.

2. The Right Type of Sound

Don’t rely on the built-in sound from the screen or monitor you choose. Factory screens have standard settings which don’t always emit movie-quality sound.

Shop around for sound options.

Invest in a state-of-the-art sound system with modern speakers. Surround sound is a popular option. It circulates noise evenly around the room.

Paint the walls black or charcoal to mimic a real theatre.

3. Screen Type and Size

You want your home theatre to feel like you’re at the movies. The size of the screen helps with that.

Screen size depends on room size. The larger the room, the bigger the screen and vice-versa. You might also need to consider the screen type. What’s feeding the film to the screen makes the difference in what kind of screen you choose.

Projector screens have more popularity. That’s because you have the option of running gaming consoles, satellite, and DVD feeds through them. Plus, they’re more versatile, accommodating 3-D and 4-D films and games.

4. Control Systems

Traditional movie theatres play films from a control booth. Choose a control system to help you control everything in the room.

Ipads, Galaxy Tabs, and Smartphones get the job done, and they’re affordable. If money isn’t an issue, build a home automation system in the room. A Universal remote control works fine as well if you’re just starting out.

5. The Fun Stuff

Great seating and a concession area create the movie-going experience. Don’t settle for couches or chairs. Media room seating is a must!

Go with big bucket, reclining seats. Make sure they have cup holders and pull-up trays to hold food and snacks.

Set up a food and snack area. Make sure you have a popcorn maker with all the fixings and a food-warming station. Consider a secret, refrigerated cabinet area to store drinks and decadent desserts.

Let’s Get Building!

Designing a home theater means creating the film room of your dreams. Make being stuck in the house worth it. Renovate your home to satisfy your entertainment needs.

Let us give you some tips for this renovation project. Read our design guides for the latest ideas and hacks for home.

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