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Don’t Kill Your Chance at Government Jobs with These Things

Government jobs are lucrative. The excellent pay scale, less work pressure, and job security – everyone wants these things in today’s era.

However, given the advantages of government jobs, more and more people are entering into these jobs. Resultantly, the competition is at its peak. It means if you have to pass your government job exam, you need to work hard and stay in-line with the current affairs to excel in various fields.

If you are preparing for a government job, you must have finished the syllabus already. But, as you know, one time is not enough, you have to practice a lot more times if you want to ace your online Sarkari result.

Also, only studying won’t help. You also have to pay heed to certain other things if you want your exam to go well.

So, what are those things? Here are some things you must avoid just before your exam.

Being nervous won’t get you anywhere; it will only add to your confusion. If you are worried about the exam, it will have an adverse impact, and there are chances you might forget everything you have studied so far.

So, be positive and sure of your preparation. Concentrate on revision and your preparation, and you will be sure to get successful.

“I can do it” is the essential spirit you will need to excel in the examination.

  • Don’t Study For Extended Hours.

Studying for long hours is yet another thing students must avoid while preparing for the government job exam. Instead of studying for long hours in one sitting, take short breaks, refresh your mind a bit and then study again.

It will help you better grasp and save yourself from the clutter of the syllabus, which might seem a lot at one time.

Make a time table for studying 1-2 hours and then take a short break of 20-25 minutes.

  • Avoid Last-Minute Preparation

Never do last-minute heavy preparations as it is of no good. It will only make you nervous and lead to cramming up the topics. And, this leads to blank minds in the exams.

Before you start preparing, have faith in yourself. Just before your exam, revise your strong points so you can score better in them.

Spend around half an hour before going to bed to quickly recap what you have studied in the day.

  • Don’t Procrastinate

Procrastinating is the worst thing you do while preparing for exams. Most students tend to procrastinate when they come across a difficult topic or subject. This is your worst mistake that can affect your result.

So, if you ever procrastinate, hold up and understand that you are putting your brain in a position where it might be more nervous. In these situations, rather than pushing the difficult subject for another day, complete it the same day, so it’s not too late.

  • Avoid Distractions

Did you know distractions like phones, social media, and friends might affect your result? Yes, Facebook and Instagram tempt students a lot while studying, but this is one thing you must avoid.

Try putting your phone on silent or better, just place in another room. Study and revise in quiet and calm surroundings with minimum distractions.

If you study for 10 minutes and browse social media for another 20 minutes, you are harming your chance at clearing the exam. Don’t make this mistake as it will only affect your preparation.

  • Avoid Dependability

If you also rely upon others like your teachers and friends for motivation, don’t make this mistake. Studying in groups is great, but don’t depend on anyone else for your preparation. Trust your instincts, skills, and believe in yourself!

The will and determination to study should arise from within, and no one from the outside can help you do so.

  • Avoid Stress

Stress is another thing you must avoid right before your exam. So, make those short breaks entertaining if you are likely to take stress in exam times.


So, now you have a list of things that you must avoid before your government job exam. Clearing the exam is not difficult if you make a timetable and study hard. Stay updated with current affairs, and don’t forget to practice different maths and reasoning questions. The more you revise, the more will be your chance to ace the exam.

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