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Easy Tips to Cleanup the Space on Your Computer

If you have been using your desktop or laptop PC for a while now, you might have started to feel its performance going sluggish. You can also experience it freezing or hanging at times. One big reason for this might be the clutter stored in your hard-drive. In this article, we are going to tell you some easy tips and tricks which will help you in clearing this clutter and freeing up hard drive space on your PC. After applying these tips, you will surely witness the improved performance of your PC and it is going to be easy to organize your important files, which is always tough with too much clutter on your PC. Let’s look at these easy cleaning tips.

Remove Unnecessary Apps and Programs 

Most of the clutter on your PC consists of unnecessary apps and programs. You might have installed such apps to use for some time but forgot to delete them. Even if you are not using any app or program in your computer actively, it does not mean that it is not consuming any space on your hard drive. So, this is the time that you take control of the storage on your PC and start removing these unnecessary apps following a simple process.

To initiate the process you need to identify the apps which are taking too much space on your hard drive. Just click the “Start” button from your desktop and land yourself into the “Apps” section. There you will find an option “Apps and features” which will let you sort your apps by size. It will help you in identifying the apps and the programs which are eating up the most space. You can simply get rid of the apps which you are hardly using, by simply selecting the app and clicking the “Uninstall” button. This is surely going to relax your hard drive and RAM both and you will see the functioning of your PC going smooth.

Clean Your Desktop

If you have been lazy enough to search your important files in different folders, then there are chances that like many other people you are also saving your important files on the desktop. But are you aware of the fact that this habit is slowing down your PC?

The files you save on your desktop consume memory from your operating system to display all the time on your screen. It surely ends up making your computer slow. You might be considering deleting the clutter from your desktop and moving these important files to any specific folder in your hard drive if you do not want your PC hanging every other time. This process will free up some space from your hard drive and also make your PC work faster.

Get Rid of Big Files

There are not only big apps and programs which consume space on your PC, but also many big files which you should consider deleting.

You can locate such big files by opening Windows Explorer and searching “Size” in the search box after clicking on “This PC”. There you will be able to see all the files on your computer ranging in different sizes from smallest to largest. You can check those files and if you don’t need them anymore on your computer then delete them. Keep following this simple process until you are done removing all the extra burden from your hard drive.

Use Disk Cleanup Tool

If you are using Windows 10 on your PC, then there is an easy handy solution available for you to clean up the drive space. You can simply launch the Disk Cleanup from your search box or by using Cortana. After launching the tool, choose “Drive: C” to perform the cleaning action which might take several minutes to finish. It will recognize the data that you are not using actively and then remove them after your permission. It will help in freeing up precious space from your hard drive.

You can also use the Disk Defragment tool to manage important files on your hard drive. This tool will not free up any space from your hard drive but it will make it easier to locate important files by organizing your drive.

Remove Temporary Files

There are many temporary files such as cookies, images, and texts stored on our PC without us knowing it when we surf over the internet. They make your visits on different websites smooth and faster but also take up some space on your hard drive. If you are concerned about your privacy and storage on your hard drive, then you might be considering deleting those temporary files from your browser. Deleting these temporary files is certainly going to enhance the performance of your PC and browser both.

Managing Downloads 

Many of us download files, videos, pictures, and other stuff from the internet which we might not need to use more than once but forget about deleting them. If you are looking to free up some space on your PC, then you should certainly visit the download section. Identify the important files in that section and move them to a permanent appropriate folder and delete the rest. You will be amazed to see the storage you save with that on your PC.

If you are concerned about losing your important data while running a cleanup on your PC then you should move the important files on any of the cloud storage. That will save the space on your computer and keep your data secured.

After securing your important data, you can clean up your hard drive using the easy tips mentioned in this article and experience the smooth functioning of your system.

Source:-   Tips to Cleanup the Space 
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