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How to Download & Install WatchOS 7 Beta on an Apple Watch

In the 2020’s WWDC event in JuneApple proclaimed that it would be launching a new firmware for the Apple Watch users. Apple named the new updated Apple Watch operating system as “WatchOS 7.” The company is currently developing the software, and a new Beta version is available for testing purposes to developers.

Recently, Apple also released a public beta of the WatchOS 7. That means all Apple Watch users can try the new operating system update. If you also wish to update your Watch to WatchOS 7, then you will need to follow the instructions given in this article.

Requirements for WatchOS 7 Public Beta

You need to check if your Apple Watch matches the requirements to use WatchOS 7. This is the very first step to make before you get into the further process.

Only Apple Watch 3 and newer variants can run the WatchOS 7. That means if you have Apple Watch 2 or Apple Watch Series 1, you can’t install and run this latest version. Though if you have the newer version, then you are eligible to get it.

Complete Guide to Download & Install WatchOS 7 Public Beta

In order to download and install this update, your iPhone should have iOS 14 beta. That means, if you are running iOS 13, then your first step is to download and install iOS 14 beta to your iPhone.

Once you have installed the iOS 14 beta on your device, it is time to dive into the main procedure.

Here’s how to get WatchOS 7 beta on your Apple Watch:

Make sure you have connected your watch and phone with each other. You need to ensure that your watch has at least 50 % battery and your phone should be connected to the WiFi. Once that all done, you need to follow the given steps:

Step 1: Enroll for Apple Beta Software Program

Follow the instructions given here to enroll your watch for Beta program:

  1. First, visit the link in a new tab.
  2. Go to Sign Up.
  3. If you have already signed up for the beta software program, then sign in to your account.
  4. Once you have signed in to the beta program portal, go back to the main home page of Beta Software Program.
  5. Now make sure that your watch is paired to the wearable on which you wish to arrange the WatchOS 7.
  6. Next, make your way to the Get Started button.
  7. After that, the site will take you to the Beta Program Guide.
  8. From there, you need to head to the WatchOS tab.
  9. Now scroll downwards and find the option that says Get Started.
  10. There will be a link saying “enroll your Apple Watch.”
  11. Click on that.
  12. Now navigate to Download Profile to set up your Watch for the software.

Step 2: Download and Install

It is a pretty easy step as once your device is enrolled for the update, your device might sense the available new beta update and start the process itself. However, there could be a case in which the automatic download might not begin.

You will need to ensure that you have the Automatic Updates enabled on your wearable. To turn on automatic update on Apple Watch, follow the instructions mentioned down here:

  1. Navigate to the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.
  2. Head to the option that says My Watch.
  3. Now make your way to General.
  4. Go to Software Update.
  5. You must see the WatchOS 7 update here.
  6. Click the Download and Install option.
  7. Now provide your Apple credentials.
  8. Go to General and then Software Update.
  9. Make your way to the Install option.
  10. Press the OK button.
  11. Now open the Apple Watch app once more.
  12. Accept the Terms and conditions.
  13. On your Apple Watch, hit the Download & Install button.
  14. Wait for the process to wrap up.
  15. Voila, you have successfully updated to WatchOS 7 beta.

Wrapping It Up Now that you have downloaded and installed this new update, you can experience a lot of new features, options, and functions. The user-interface might also feel improved and better than before.  Bear in mind that it is a Beta version that means you might experience some glitches and bugs while using the watch.

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Source: How to Download & Install WatchOS 7 Beta on an Apple Watch
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