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how to shampoo a men’s hair system?

The correct shampooing of your the men’s hair system can help to keep it in good condition and to last longer. Shampooing here refers to you shampooing it during the shower, rather than taking it off.

How Often Should I Shampoo It?

As little as possible. Just shampoo it when you must and keep it on a frequency of 1-2 times a week. Excess washing will cause damage to the hair and the base, thus will shorten the lifespan.

How to Shampoo It?

When you shampoo the hair system, do remember one thing which is to wash it gently.

Firstly, wet the hair. Pour a normal amount of shampoo into your hands and rub your hands until you see bubbles. Then work your hands into your natural hair and gently run it on top of the hair system.

Next, with the shampoo covering your entire hair system, pat it softly instead of rubbing it. Don’t pat in the wrong hair direction. You could also use a wide-tooth comb to comb the shampoo through your hair system and frictions.

Finally, rinse the shampoo out. Make sure you rinse the hair with the water running in the same direction to avoid tangling effectively.

Clean the front part of the system

After a long-time wearing, the glue in the front of the base will loosen and will flip off during the shower. So, you can clean the front part of the base while shampooing it.

shampoo a hair system

Flip the top back and use your fingers to rinse all the glue residue off your forehead and the front part of the hair system.

Reattach the Front Part onto the Head

Before you attach it back to your head, make sure there is no glue residue left on your forehead and on the base. Next, apply glue onto your forehead and spread it out evenly and let it dry for a few minutes. Remember not to put the base too soon, because if the base is lace, the glue might come through the base to the top.

bond the front hairline

After the glue is a little dry, attach the base to the head with some pressure to prevent any bump.

Any other questions about how to care and maintain your hair system, please feel free to contact us at and our experts are more than happy to help you out.

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