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Meet: A Perfect Video Chat Rival of Zoom & Here’s How to Use It

Most recently, Google announced its teleconferencing service application called “Meet” will be available for users for free. The Meet was previously available for paid consumers who paid for G Suite, but now to be in necessary competition, Meet is finally available for free. During a time like this, when people are doing everything from home without going out. Work from home situation is happening with most of the users, so having a reliable video conferencing service application is really necessary. To join the Meet, users just have to meet with the link. Whoever creates a meeting in Meet will be required to have a membership of G Suits.

For the free version of the product, users need to have a Google account, and they can call up to 60 minutes. In the free version, there will be up to 100 members who can join in a single room, which is such a big room, so the sharing will be huge too. There are already many video conferencing apps are available, and among several apps, the most popular and known app is Zoom. It is definitely sure that Meet will decrease the consumer base, and it’s also reliable. Everyone uses products of Google, and they know, if it’s Google, then there will surely something special about it.

Schools, offices, libraries, gym, stores, and many more places where the gathering of people are normal, but now these types of places are shut for a specific time. So keep the flow of working going on, video conferencing apps are really helping the users a lot. The company is doing every necessary step to not stop the wok because it can affect the lives of many. Google’s Meet app will be free soon, so for those who willing to use it and have no idea of using it, so here are simple steps to follow.

How to Use Google Meet

The privacy and security of the Meet app are default, and users can make their security more improved as per their preference. Privacy in apps like these is a real concern, and Meet is also targeting Zoom on the basis of privacy as well. Many users have faced some privacy issues and are concerned about it, so they want something strong with privacy that includes the meeting as well.

To sign up for a free version of Meet, you need to mention your name, country, email, and primary use of it as personal, education, business, or government purposes. Read the terms of Google and press on Submit after agreeing on the terms. You will be notified after the service of the Meet will be ready to use. After it is available to use, here is what you need to do with the free version of Meet.

  1. Type in the address bar of the browser.
  2. Tap “Start new meeting,” or to join, enter meeting code.
  3. Select the preferred Google account to use.
  4. Tap on “join meeting,” and you will be able to add participants into meeting as well.

It is true that Google has Google Duo and Hangout for a long time for video calling, but both of these are for casual video calling. It is impossible to add 100 participants into these apps. There are many features in Meet that users will get like schedule calling, real-time captioning, and also screen sharing. Meet is basically made for a big group of participants who join or meeting. Now Google has announced it that they will soon launch the free version for everyone.

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