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Pokémon Fans are Putting Porygon under Spotlight on Twitter

Recently Pokémon fans saw a non-popular Pokémon was trending on Twitter, which was “Porygon.” The Pokémon Go fans are coming out and showing their love for Porygon. August Community Day is over, and for September’s Community Day, Pokémon Go asked players through a poll to choose the Pokémon. Niantic usually decides the Community Day Pokémon through the poll, and recently, on Twitter, Pokémon Go gave four options that include Charmander, Grimer, Polygon, and Caterpie. Majority of players are excited about Porygon because its appearance in the game is quite low.

A lot of fans want Charmander because it’s a fan favorite, and its Charizard form is super strong. Charmander is also a strong candidate for September Community Day. However, the decision of players will decide to include which Pokémon in upcoming Community Day.

On Twitter, fans are showing some seriously cool art of Porygon and its shiny form that trainers will catch on Community Day. However, Porygon doesn’t have any shiny form yet, but if Porygon gets the highest votes, it will be available for September Community Day. From Porygon Community Day, players will get their candies and its evolution form as well.

Fans of Charmander and Porygon are against each on Twitter because they both sides have a point. Charmander also has a strong evolution form and becomes a giant flying beast on its third evolution. Charmander has a beautiful shiny form that makes the fans choose it over the polygon. Whereas Porygon is small and cute, but it appears in the wild very less. Fans of Porygon are not going to use it in battle, but at least they want to keep it in their dex collection. Fans of both sides are doing their best to get their preferred Pokémon in September Community Day.

However, if Charmander doesn’t get the highest votes, the developers will keep it in the records, and they might release it in the future. Fans are excited for Porygon because of its animated episode. In the episodes, Porygon doesn’t have much screen time, and some of the episodes weren’t even telecast. Now fans are waiting for the upcoming Community Day. However, for September, the date of Community Day is not decided yet.Conclusion – This type of situation has happened before between Pokémon fans. But Pokémon Go knows what they have to do. The recent Community Day was about Magikarp, which was stunning. Players got some cool shiny Gyarados and Magikarp on CD.

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