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How To Find Inner Peace Through Yoga?

Yoga is something more than a physical movement. It offers you some of the benefits of exercises, but the primary purpose is to keep you in touch with your true nature and existence.

When you are purely being, you are at ultimate peace. It does not matter what your existing circumstances are. It connects you to your mystical nature. For the cultivation of inner peace, you should prioritize being.

Yoga is not only a physical activity but a method to figure out your deepest inner selves and find a connection with your state of being. Practicing Yoga helps your mind to forget about doing and focusing on looking for some perfect internal peace.

Almost all yoga teacher training in Rishikesh begins with a short meditation period that prepares both your body and mind for all upcoming exercises. Thus, all your negative energy passes, offering a way to some of the positive vibes. Your mind becomes clear, and your spirit moves steadily to a balanced zone essential for perfect self-control and makes your life easier.

Pranayama is also one of the widespread practices that are usually integrated into most yoga sessions. Pranayama means extending and controlling your breath which carries your life force. At the time of Pranayama, you turn all your attention to breathing and learn how to manage your breath and deepen it. Slowly you start to expand your awareness to other body parts, listen to every little body sound and travel. Therefore, the whole process is straightforward and one of the best ways to know your body’s functioning.

As Yoga primarily focuses on your inner selves, therefore poses must be implemented slowly and peacefully. Few resting poses especially need to stay longer, thus turning your awareness inward. Because of this, you learn to give yourself time and be patient in the long run in every sector of life. This is a self-learning process that is required for a balanced lifestyle. A better understanding of your existence helps create a strong relationship with the outer world and people.

While inner peace is something that everybody has, but only a few discover it. We are now living in a world where social media and celebrities drive the whole world. Therefore, it is impossible to avoid comparing yourself to others.

Many people are not satisfied with themselves, and when negative energy starts flowing, they feel trapped and sad. But with Yoga, it is possible to control your mind to stop liberating emotions, thereby allowing us to reach serenity. It will enable you to know why all are special, unique and completely one of a kind.

Life is a long learning process that involves not only the world but also our inner self. Yoga is one of the best practices to obtain knowledge of self-love, inner peace and care. It assists us in living the best life.

Here are a few things that you can integrate into your yoga practice to encourage a great sense of peaceful being.

Set your yoga environment

The environment you set puts the foundation of your practices. If there is some terrible energy enduring in your space while trying to carry out your thing on the mat, you are most likely to get affected by it.

Try shifting your yoga practice to a new environment. If you are practicing in a space where you work regularly, spat the kids, view television. It would help if you did not practice Yoga in an area where it takes a lot of mental and emotional energy. It’s best to keep your environment free from all clutters and fresh by clearing out all unnecessary items and spreading your essential oils.


Always initiate your practice with meditation.

There is no set way to initiate your practice, but a short session of meditation, in the beginning, can assist you in clearing your mind. It helps you to get in a zone before you start moving in your mat.

The seat on your mat, eyes closed and start tuning into your breath and the sensations in your body. Other ways you can utilize mudras, Om chanting, mantras and different specified poses to increase your meditation.


Integrate Pranayama into your yoga practices

Pranayama is something that helps in extending and controlling your breath. In Yoga, it is believed that a person’s breath carries its life force.


Customize your practices to your requirements

You might think that you require a vigorous vinyasa flow, but in reality, your mind and body need a slow-paced flow with long holds or perhaps a curative yoga session. So, before you hit your mat, give attention to all messages that your body is trying to tell you.



Stay long in resting pose

Resting poses are like child pose, and the downward-facing dog is not meant to be rushed. A child’s pose is best for whirling your awareness inward, while a downward dog helps you feel all the body sensations.

Stay long in this pose when you think of taking a rest. When you are ready to start moving, you will have a clear mind and a perfect feeling of how your body wants to move.

Thus, in this way, you can find inner peace through Yoga. It helps in uniting your body, breathe and mind. It is a tradition that has been accomplished for 5000 years. Yoga not only enhances flexibility but also helps in releasing tensions along with mental and spiritual benefits.

Some of the Yoga poses that help in finding inner peace is

• Lotus position: It is also known as the cross-legged position, one of the famous poses in Yoga. It helps you to open up to meditative thoughts easily. There is various lotus position like full lotus, half-lotus, etc.

• Corpse Pose: It is Savasana that offers you complete relaxation and helps you calm down and relieve minor depression and headaches.

• Standing with forwarding bend: This is best for those who are flexible and do not mind standing. You can initiate by standing forward, keeping your feet in a parallel position to your hips. If you are flexible, then keep your palms on the floor on either side of your feet, or else cross your arms with each hand on the opposite elbow. Each exhalation allows your body to relax and allows your stress to disperse, and peace fills your mind.

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